Dec 15 2014


While there might not be much to cheer about these days, a song by Leonard Cohen can always bring a smile. 

May you all stay well and be ready for the new year with renewed vigor for the struggle ahead. 

Thanks to Terry for posting the photo (below) of the light OCCUPY BELLINGHAM hopes will bring greater awareness to the issues we face.


Dec 13 2014


Dear Occupy B'ham.  Thanks for sharing your light.

Dear Occupy B’ham. Thanks for sharing your light.

Nov 20 2014


Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP. 

It is up to all of us to learn about this latest deal and call our Washington DC representatives to STOP FAST TRACK.  Our national legislators hope to ram this through during the lame duck session of congress.

The FAST TRACK web site is here.  From this site you can automatically connect with your district legislators.

OCCUPY BELLINGHAM is a sponsor of this action and you can see this for yourself here.

The following video is a short 2 minute summary of the deal and some of its consequences.


Nov 12 2014


Not only did many municipalities throughout the country pass legislation asking for an overturning of Citizens United and getting money out of politics but in Tallahassee, Florida another exciting vote occurred which you can read about below.

On Nov. 4th, 2014, voters in Tallahassee, Florida made history by approving the first city Anti-Corruption Act in the United States by an overwhelming 2 – 1 margin.

A small but dedicated group of progressives, conservatives, and independents put aside their differences to wage an historic battle against corruption in their community, and they won.

They weren’t afraid to call the money pouring into our political system what it is: corruption. They went all in with comprehensive reforms instead of settling for half measures. And they did it all by sidestepping entrenched politicians and putting a citizen initiative directly on the ballot — no politicians required, just we, the People.


Nov 07 2014



Oct 25 2014


In July, three people locked themselves to 55-gallon barrels filled with concrete on the train tracks at Tesoro’s Anacortes Refinery in order to protest and draw attention to the issue of dangerous exploding oil trains coming into our State and passing through and putting at risk our communities and precious ecosystems. Their action blocked oil trains for half the day, disrupting business as usual at the facility and dramatically increasing the scrutiny of refinery oil-train facilities. On Tuesday, the Anacortes 3 will have their first day in court. Come support them and keep the pressure on to stop oil-by-rail. We want to pack the courtroom to show our support. Afterwards, we will walk across the street to deliver messages to Skagit County decision-makers to demand they not permit the proposed crude by rail offloading facility at the neighboring Shell refinery which would add one additional oil train to those passing through Seattle every day. 

All three of our friends are facing a misdemeanor trespassing charge for locking down on the tracks and preventing dangerous oil trains from rolling. We need to pack the courtroom to show support for these climate defenders, and to keep the pressure on Skagit County to reject fossil fuel expansion projects.

See you there! 

Carlo Voli,  Keep it in the Ground Facilitator

When: Tuesday, October 28th @ 8:30 AM

Where: Skagit County Municipal Court COURTROOM 2 – 1800 Continental Place, Mt Vernon

  If you need some inspiration here’s a video of the action at the Tesoro Refinery:

Facebook RSVP:

Oct 13 2014


There has been some thought about how best to inform our OCCUPY BELLINGHAM web browsers about who we are, what we stand for and what we are doing.  One of the methods we use is to encourage folks to stay informed on a myriad of issues, not only by attending meetings and participating in actions but by reading.  That’s what the links on the left side of the page are about.  

  • Quick referrals to other web sites that can inform you about other groups,
  • Important information about our OCCUPY BELLINGHAM various campaigns

You can view all these issues that we care about and demand action for on the menu bar under “ABOUT”.   There we list our vision, mission and demands.  

We are in the process of moving this categorized information to the top menu bar under LINKS.  When we have this completed you will see a larger space for the blog portion of the web site and possibly some changes there as well.

Stay tuned!

Oct 03 2014

Website upgraded to WordPress 4.0

This major upgrade to the software we use for our website does not appear, so far, to change anything visible to users in our historical content.

There are lots of improvements under the hood that give content creators enhanced options.  As these options are used, there may be “look and feel” differences that users see in new content.

Sep 24 2014


Here are some interesting looks at the climate march.


Go here for a link to the Jon Stewart Show for a good laugh at the ridiculous aspect of this debate.

And here is an article


Sep 17 2014


A BIG weekend is coming fast.  If you are going to NYC for the massive climate march – safe travels!

All of it coinciding with the UN annual climate conference and the International Day of Peace.

Other wise we have a lot going on right here at home.  Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  You can view it on the calendar to the right or take the link to the events. 

You can go here to find out about events happening with the Nawtsamaat Alliance.

If you haven’t seen the movie Disruption watch the trailer.

Go here to watch the full movie.

Then on Sunday the Annual Peace and Justice International Day of Peace celebration at the  Majestic Ballroom starting at 5:00 pm.

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