Sep 13 2012


September 28 – October 1.  

Thanks to an energetic and enthusiastic member of Occupy Bellingham, Mark Washke, our first general fundraiser of the year was a huge success.  A report of money collected will be entered in the minutes of this Friday GA (October 5).  

Thanks to all of the Bellingham Occupiers who helped make this the success it was.  We talked to about 400 people in the course of the three day event.  The majority of those we spoke to were in support of our movement.  The two most common comments were “I’m glad to see you are still here.” and “Thank you, keep up the good work.”  We had more cookies than we could give away.  Thanks to all you cookie bakers.  People told us their appreciation for “good” coffee (Arabica) “real” cream and milk.  We liked to inform them that Occupy was also about food justice which meant real and local food.   We gave away the buttons we were wearing, one to a person from France!  

The following Bellingham Occupiers deserve a vote of thanks for either putting in time at the rest stop or baking cookies:  Mark W., Ronna L., Debbie C., Dianne F., David W., Terry D, Marcia L., Mark’s Step mom, Alyce W., Robyn A., Bob B., Anita H., Jeral.  

The discussion about using the money is yet to come (GA approved 10% to be used for legal defense).   A reminder that The Bellingham Occupy GA will take place at the library (NW corner) where the tent has been for the past month.



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