Dec 20 2012


We had a lot of fun this summer meeting passers by, working on banners, making buttons, planning actions.

Mark, Terry and others made this for the anniversary freeway banner drop

The Bellingham Library lawn made a good setting.  Average citizens walked by (we were there during the property tax payment period).  Judges and lawyers as well.  We were surprised how many people expressed support for the Occupy Movement and came over to talk.

We made new friends from Spokane Occupy (thanks to Marcia and Mark) who came over  to help with NO Coal actions  We ran into “Old” Occupy members and gained new members.



It became a time for catching up and getting to know each other and forming a vision.  Then it got cold, the leaves fell, the wind came in and rain came down so we thought  in order to continue this work we should find an indoor setting.

We will have our table at the Bellingham Cordata Food Co-op tomorrow (Friday, December 21 from 1:00 – 3:00).   Come to a GA at 5:30 at the public Market to find out how you can participate   


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