Feb 10 2013

Idle No More movement fizzles out online, analysis finds

500 Idle No More protesters - Julie OliverIdle No More movement fizzles out online, analysis finds.

By Natalie Stechyson, Postmedia News — February 10, 2013 5:56 PM

— Note that this Post is mostly about “Fizzling out Online” and a new #OBGA Web Site Feature

that I hope will make this a more interesting place that does not “Fizzle Out” —


I am confident that the Idle No More movement remains strong in the hearts of First Nations Members and their Supporters around the globe.  The Headline and its linked article discuss the statistics behind the claim that the “movement fizzles out online” which is a very specific and significant place to fizzle.  Here at our #OBGA Website, the best place to have a conversation about “fizzle” is in our Forum, which I finally have working correctly as a part of fixing several recent disabling site issues.  Please note that this Post is intended as a discussion starter, and is placed here on our sites Front Page as a Blog Post because we are trying out new ideas to see that our local Occupy Movement does not “fizzle out online”.

Note that there is a link, lower left corner, that says Join the Forum discussion on this post – a new and potentially awesome feature of our #OBGA Website.  This link will take you directly to a discussion of this Blog Post in a new Forum in our Forum’s Home named “Occupy Online”.  Once there, you can use our Forum Software to place a Reply to this Blog Post, replicated in the Forum, which in some ways is better than placing a Reply to this Post here on the Front Page.  Having this Blog Post on our Front Page is very important, as here it offers many propagation opportunities.  For example, as soon as I Post this Blog Entry it will propagate automatically to our #OBGA Facebook Page, from where many of you will likely first become aware of it.  The Facebook Page Post will link back directly to this Front Page Blog Post.  Once you are reading this Blog Post here, you will allow you to propagate this, or most other, Blog Posts in just about any way you might wish.

I urge all of you to help me troubleshoot this new feature’s implementation by actually making a Forum Reply, even if it only says “Now I get it”.  If you cannot make a Forum Reply because something is not working, try making a Reply to this Blog Post right here on our #OBGA Front Page, letting me know something of the problem you encountered.  In our Forum Home, you will see additional instances of this “discussion starter” concept with a Front Page Blog Post that already used this Join the Forum discussion on this post feature while I have been working it out the details.

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