Feb 13 2013

“Walk the Walk” — Local Rally in Solidarity with #F17 “Forward on Climate” National and Regional Rallies

 Sit-in against Climate Change

Sit-in Against Climate Change Image
If you stand ardently against Anthropogenic Climate Change,
especially that brought on by Fossil Fuel Consumption,
you may question the contradiction inherent in combusting the fossil fuel
necessary to transport yourself to the National and/or Regional #F17 Actions Against Climate Change.
To be heard, many need to “talk the talk” by attending these #F17 Events,
but if your conscience is saying “walk the walk” then this Local Event is for you.
Walk to it. Bike to it. Take a transit bus to it.
Join with others that Stand in Solidarity with the #F17 Actions Against Climate Change
without contributing to the problem.


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