Feb 15 2013

== Too Big to Fail == Too Big for Trial == Too Big to Jail ==

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The issue addressed by doing this is this.

== Too Big to Fail == Too Big for Trial == Too Big to Jail ==


Everyone needs to understand that we have a class of Wall Street Criminals that brought on the collapse of the World economy by committing Wall Street Crimes.

By committing these crimes, this criminal class acquired billions in Profits acquired in the Commission of Crimes.  Then they topped that off with billions acquired in Bailout Moneys swindled from Taxpayers with the Complicity of Government aka Too Big to Fail.  With vast wealth acquired in this way, they subvert the Justice System by purchasing influence to acquire Legal Settlements that absolve them of their criminal liability.  For sure, these Legal Settlements involve the payment of penalties.  However, these penalties are paid with the fruit of criminal activity and taxpayer funding.  So far, we are witnessing perfect crime.

In this video, Senator Elizabeth Warren asks a question of Bank Regulators about how many Trials the government has conducted to prosecute for the Wall Street Crimes that collapsed the US economy.  Watch Tom Curry (Comptroller of the Currency) and Elisse Walter (SEC Executive Chairman) attempt to articulate a Too Big for Trial justification as their equivocating answers to Warren’s question – that answer being “No Trials have taken place”.  It is incredible to watch them trying to justify their acceptance of Legal Settlements in lieu of proceeding with Criminal Prosecution in a Court of Law with this Too Big for Trial circumvention of the rule of law.

These Wall Street Criminals have insulated themselves from the “rule of law” that applies to ordinary citizens and ordinary business enterprises with power and influence wielded by vast wealth, ill-begotten. As a criminal class, they proceed to make themselves Too Big to Jail.

This video, from this morning’s (02/15/2012) Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee hearing, will alert anyone who sees it to the influence that is manifesting itself as Too Big for Trial.  One way you can say “Enough is Enough” with this Too Big Mantra is this simple.  Share this video.  Share this Blog Post.

Insist that our Society is not ruled by a criminally rich oligarchy that has acquired immunity from the rule of law.

We must put these criminals on trial, presenting the evidence of their misdeeds in a court of law that has the power to put them in prison for a long, long time.


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