Feb 18 2013

Has Dark Matter Finally Been Found? Big News Coming Soon

This “Big News Coming Soon” is going to be very interesting on it own merits.  At the least, this is an interesting video and I have learned a bit from embedding the new video player it plays within.

My purpose in placing this video here is to stimulate a discussion about what goals and uses would be pursued as a consequence of a scientific find like “Dark Matter”.

Would World Peace be pursued first and foremost, with the goal of serving all of humanity in the name of the Common Good?  Would the science be pursued with the idea of providing free and clean energy for our planetary home, or example?

Would Weaponization prove to be the first and foremost pursuit,   Would the science be pursued with the idea of subjugating Enemies of the State?  Would we see a replay of the first use of the fruit of the discovery of “Nuclear Fussion”, the terrorist attacks on the civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?  Would an Arms Race result as the Corporate Captains of Capitalism sought maximize profits in the Military Industrial Complex Sector?

The following link is to the article from space.com from which I extracted the video.  If you would like to comment in the discussion I am encouraging, follow the second link to our #OBGA discussion forum on this subject.


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