Nov 06 2013


OCCUPY BELLINGHAM will mobilize a Backbone Action Brigade for FLUSH the TPP! on Tuesday Nov. 12



Backbone Action Brigades and allies with banners, LED panels, and Light Projection tools are planning for a coordinated day of action Tuesday, November 12.

Light Projections in Dallas, Spokane, Detroit, Olympia and Seattle are already planned – and we hope to add LA, Baltimore, Chicago, DC, and YOUR city to the list of places where an action will take place.  

Rise up to stop the global corporate coup and FLUSH the TPP!   The Trans-Pacific Partnership is the latest and largest ever free-trade investor rights agreement compact and it is being negotiated in secrecy.  Its transnational corporate architects have President Obama requesting Fast Track authority to get it passed without real Congressional or public oversight.  But it is a disaster for human rights, worker rights, the environment, and the very capacity of people to pass laws to protect themselves, their communities, and the environment.  SO, for goodness sake, Don’t Fast Track a Train Wreck for Democracy!


We CAN STOP the TPP by stopping Fast Track. Pull the TPP out of the shadows and into public scrutiny by joining Backbone Brigades and allies in a day of coordinated visibility actions to FLUSH the TPP! Tuesday, November 12.   

Join/Form/(or transmute into 😉 a Backbone Action Brigade for Nov. 12 by using one ofBackbone Campaign‘s fun night-time and day-time high visibility tactics!  Invigorate your group and try some new tactics.  Use Light Projection as Protest, Join an Overpass Light Brigade, turn heads at rush-hour with a Giant Freeway banner, and more!

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