Jan 06 2014



Join Occupy Bellingham
Help us Shine a Light on the TPP and Fast Track
Fridays January 17th and 24th 2 PM – 5PM
Intersection of Holly and Railroad



Recently, the Obama administration has indicated an interest in renewing “Trade Promotion Authority” (or FAST TRACK). It has been introduced in congress under the title Bipartisan Trade Priorities Act of 2014.  There is widespread resistance to this legislation and you can read about that read  HERE.

This authority takes the power away from congress to fully debate trade deals like the TPP. We need to stop congress from giving up their obligation to negotiate trade on our behalf.

We will be bannering and handing out informational flyers to folks until dark, then we will march to join the Peace Vigil with our NO TPP light panels. We need lots of folks, so we hope you can join us.

We will have fliers available for anyone to hand out to passers by.  Educating people about what’s at stake here is critical for our message to be heard by our elected officials.


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