Jun 14 2014


OCCUPY BELLINGHAM has a lot on our plate.  But who can pass up a new opportunity?

Our #6 demand says:  Prevent privatization of all local public resources and services. (Our collapsed economy has forced local/state governments to sell off our resources and services, creating a nightmare of prison-industrial and school-industrial complexes).

Since the GED exam has changed and likely impossible for students to pass let’s start with this issue.   Privatization of the GED seems to be a collusion between Pearson (testing company) the Gates Foundation (they brought WA state the charter school initiative) and our Federal Education Department (Arnie Duncan).

The speaker in the following video is Diane Ravitch.  She is the leader of a group called Parents Across America.  Her latest book s called “Reign of Error.”  She spoke to a group of teachers n North Carolina on February 24, 2014.  The video is 30 minutes long.  It will be the best 30 minutes you ever spent.

At the end of this video, Diane correctly noted that the only real long term solution to this attack on our public schools is to stop voting for the lackeys of the billionaires. The only good thing about Common Core and/or the new 2014 GED test is that they are both so harmful to students that they might wake parents up and convince them to vote for someone different in the next election.

Here is a short video about the GED test.

The time has come to get informed.

Then get involved.  We’ll keep the news coming.




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