Jul 15 2014


If you thought we only needed to be concerned about the proposed coal terminal at Cherry Point,  think again!  The current move to off load oil from trains (refined and possibly crude) from the Bakken oil fields and Tar Sands at our two refineries has been happening for the past year under our noses.

Learn more about about oil trains and tankers from Forest Ethics (http://forestethics.org/) and Columbia Riverkeeper (http://columbiariverkeeper.org/).
Oil companies ship 40 times more oil in outdated and dangerous train cars compared to just five years ago. This is a national problem. If you are worried about safety in our community, join us on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at 6:00 for a rally and then a public hearing. 

State your opinion about this latest effort by the fossil-fuel robber barons to make their profits on the backs of the citizens of our community.  We must insist on an EIS for this.

Go to Re-Sources web site HERE for more information.


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