Feb 20 2015


OCCUPY BELLINGHAM has been very busy this past week.  On Tuesday we participated in a rally to oppose FAST TRACK  for TPP.  We carpooled to Mt. Vernon and rallied at Representative DelBene’s office.  OCCUPY BELLINGHAM brought all our TPP banners.  Debbie made a third banner about FAST TRACK that got the most exposure (behind the speakers).  




Representative DelBene was unable to be present but a group met with her staffer and explained the position of those against this destructive “free” trade agreement.  Those present included many labor organizers, workers and OCCUPY BELLINGHAM.  

At about 11:00 those of us from Bellingham bid farewell to the bus (with Dianne and Debbie on board to Olympia!) and made our way back home.  Our banners accompanied the trip going to Salem, Oregon as the final destination.  


Robert Reich – has a new 2 minute video in case you don’t know much about TPP or FAST TRACK.  Share this with your friends. 

Stay tuned for the next post about the incredibly successful barnstorming presentation by David Cobb from the National Move To Amend leadership that took place on Thursday 2/19.

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