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GA started and immediately decided to move to Woods Coffee House, Shane remained at Park until 5:50PM for late comers.

Facilitation: Jeremy, Erik(notes)

Agenda Approved

Reports on past Gas

@ city hall, we decided we will pursue occupation of a home in forclosure.

@The Old Foundry, we developed a new progressive stack (5 count)

And that we will advocate a Washington state bank similar to North Dakota’s model

@ Maritime park on Saturday we discussed the tech working group as a support organization, and will request notes from Connor to be submitted

FINANCIAL WG- All outstanding bills paid, about 1600 in $Bank now, Dean has checkbook

OUTREACH WG- 100 Brochures with information have been printed to distribute to community

Need Volunteers for canvas and more outreach

FOOD WG- Need to organize an inventory day, preferably on a Sunday afternoon

EVENTS WG- We had an event today 15-25 people came. It was a fun street theater and game.

Concern Announcements:

There is a concern that the communication network needs updating.

There is a concern that we need to organize an address of the mistakes we have made to prevent them in the future.

It was noted that the U-Lock Strategy was very successful, and that it was shared nation-wide in Gas

We may need to adjust our confrontational nature with the public

We need to have debriefing sessions to address eviction, train incident, and other marches and rallys

Planning debrief may be a key part of planning a major event.

The internet WG reported a concern that City of Bellingham computers have attempted to access their computer, possibly attempting to “hack” the system and website, the IWG will be providing internet security measures for concerned owners of computers in #OB by donation.


Karen will be building a Women of Whatcom Working Group to empower and engage women in OB and the community

Gardening Working Group Weill be meeting at Jeremy’s house from 430-930 PM January 15. We will be discussing preparing soil for the farming season and starting sprouts, bring your own sprouts and provisions for this social and education workshop (Bonfire as well).


Ian Proposes that #OB financially support its members to protest in solidarity against EGT in Longview Washington.

Erik amends that the amount be $15 per person, $60 per car, and $450 total allowable at this time.

A fundraising focus point is this action, and a grassroots fundraising strategy is advised.


We also seek funding from Occupy Seattle, who has funding for caravans from #OWS

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