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DECEMBER 30, 2016                  

Margaret, Ronna, Debbie, Peter, Alyce, Marnell. Ellen, Marcia

Grassroots Action – Whatcom:  Public Meeting to DUMP TRUMP on Monday Jan. 9th.  Organized by at Willows Retirement.  6:30 PM social, 7 PM-P.M. Meeting.  (large poster in the room)

Ronna will invite Ann Richardson to Occupy to tell us about Grassroots.

Ronna reported that this group stems from an invitation by the Working Families Party to start an action group in local communities.  The following comments were made:

  • Local action groups need to consolidate
  • It is a good idea to start organizing now
  • Need to give DJT enough rope to “hang himself”.
  • Need to work on recruiting candidates for local office

We reviewed the announcement handout.

  1. OCCUPY will have a table at the Jan 1 – Standing Rock stories event at BUF.
  2. The showing of WE THE PEOPLE 2.O. at the Leopold was changed to Wed. Jan. 11th at 3PM. Ronna and Debbie will change all documents
  3. MLK HUMAN RIGHTS conference at WCC, Syre Center. The film WE THE PEOPLE 2.0 will be shown at 2:00 pm Sat. Jan. 14th.  The conference starts at 10:00 Debbie will inquire about having an OCCUPY table there as we’ve done in the past.
  4. MLK’S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION at city hall 12 PM TO 1 PM with Clyde Ford, Darrell Hillaire, Mayor Linville, Victoria Matey, and Nina Damina Khaira AHMED. Jan. 16th.  The Kulshan Chorus will sing.

There a boycott on Jan. 20th.  Need more info. on this.

WOMEN’S POST INAUGURAL MARCH IN BELLINGHAM.  Sat.   21st 10 AM.  Starts at city hall and ends at city hall.  We will have a table.  No PEOPLE’S SUMMIT at this venue.  We will work towards another time and place.  Suggestion was made that the beginning of the march could be “wailing” to mourn the losses this year then ending with “joy” celebrating a new beginning.

Peter’s has changed his writing from a “constitution” to the BLUE MARBLE MANIFESTO.  A 30-minute discussion followed when he asked the group for comments about the issue of overpopulation and consumerism.  The following comments were made:

  • Review Force of Nature by David Suzuki. HE speaks to the issue of overpopulation
  • Sweden has a program where taxes are lowered for people who repair things.
  • Review tribal literature where there is a great respect for nature.
  • This (population growth and consumerism is the elephant in the room and could hold meetings to discuss this very issue. “we have to think about both”
  • Review Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything.
  • Some countries don’t have enough people.
  • We need a change of consciousness about what is important. Need more awareness of the planet and human responsibility towards it.
  • Look closer at how we’re helping people with family planning and with babies, i.e., Planned Parenthood.


  1. There will be a forthcoming article in the Whatcom Watch by Debbie. Way to go Debbie.
  2. A book reading at Village Books on February 8 at 7 PM.
  3. Debbie is reaching out to other groups (ReSources and Bellingham for help in publicizing this campaign.
  4. Discussed the possibility of a resolution to the county or city councils
  5. Hosting a house party could help inform others in a casual manner.
  6. Hold a book club reading of Solutionary Rail

Tabled for next week:  Doug Ericksen’s bill to criminalize Free Speech.

DEC. 16, 2016     

Margaret, Ronna, Alyce, Marnell, Peter, Lynn, Ellen, Stoney, Mike, Emily, Marcia

There were so many announcements in the January dates that Ronna will make separate page and send out to members.

Leftover Announcements

JAN. 21st, the Women’s March IN Bellingham has not decided on their route.

DEC. 21st A WHITENESS workshop will take place at the Peace and Justice Center from 7:00 PM TO 8:00 PM.

JAN. 21ST After the Women’s March there might be a People’s Forum.


A proposal that Occupy participate in this coming year’s Bellingham Gay Pride Parade in June was approved.  We will also be a vendor.  Ronna will contact this group and let them know.  There is no current posting on line for 2017.  Ronna suggests that we need to support this group even though there might be OPEN CARRY people at this march as there has been in years past. 

Remember there are now 5 districts in Whatcom County and we need to elect progressives in all 5 districts.


Lyn asked us about our goals in Occupy in relation to Climate Change and supporting a plant based diet.  There was discussion about the amount of toxic pollution that comes from CAFOs.  51% of greenhouse gases comes from agriculture.  The effects of hunting were not included in this discussion.  Hunting was not She believes that vegetarian diets would ease the problems of Global Warming.  The movie Cowspiracy was recommended.  Wendy Harris is a local blogger (Whatcom Hawk) who talks a great deal about this subject. 

Grass Roots Action – Whatcom

Marnell gave a brief update on the Grass Roots Action group in Whatcom.  Ronna asked about the relationship to Working Families Party.  Ellen expressed some confusion about the goals for this group.  Marnell will continue to bring news of this group.


CELDF Is a non-profit law firm that advises small communities so they can advert threats by Corporations that want to do big projects in their communities that are not seen to be good for the local communities.  They try to expose TOP DOWN laws in local communities.  It was tried in Whatcom County by the collection of 10,000 signatures against the coal trains, but it was thrown out of court.  CELDF also put on several Democracy schools here in Bellingham in 2011.  CELDF produced the movie WE the People 2.0 we are showing in January.  Marnell took a copy of the film and will work on a showing at the Leopold. 


Stoney, in a discussion with Joy Gilfilen (restorative Justice), mentions that the testimony of 3 officials with the jail mailer fudged the truth.  That the government’s role is to protect municipal assets and this is not being one by our local government, in particular, the executive branch.  OCCUPY needs to be vigilant about such actions. 

Marcia gave some of her thoughts and ideas through her reading of Deep theology.  She suggests we need a change in our perception of reality and a change in consciousness to be successful in solving the problems we are facing.

 DEC. 9th 2016

Margaret, Debbie, Ellen, Stoney


  1. January 6th, 2017 (Friday) picture WE THE PEOPLE. We will show this film at the public library downtown in Bellingham. With intro. and discussion after the showing, it will be from 6PM to 8PM.  It will also be show by us at the MLK Conference, no date and time available yet. 
  2. It will also be shown at the Pickford sometime in March. Stoney Bird will oversee the Pickford showing.
  3. Stoney will give the introduction at all three showings. He strongly felt it needs an introduction to make the movie comprehensible to the viewing audience.
  4. the point of the movie is to show how big corporations don’t do right by small rural communities when corporations come to town.


  1. This is about electrifying America’s railroads. It comes from BACKBONE. Debbie is taking on this project to informing and to promoting this idea.
  2. There is a book called SOLUTIONARY RAIL by Bill Moyer, Patrick Mazza, and the Solutionary Rail Team. Debbie has a couple these books, as well as VILLAGE BOOKS, Amazon, and the Bellingham library (it might have to come by loans from other libraries.
  3. It is to open America’s railroads as corridors to a clean energy future.
  4. The book is a little technical, but understandable

NOVEMBER 18, 2016                              

Margaret, Ronna, Peter, Jessie, Emily, Marcia

Lummi blessing read by Peter


  1. Is the TPP dead? Ronna reports that it is probably dead for now.  Getting info from Washington Fair Trade, Popular Resistance (M. Flowers and K. Zeese), and Flush the TPP.  All of them are working on writing proposals for better trade deals. 
  2. Ronna will coordinate with County Council for a pause in the Resolution proposal.
  3. The Death Star is with Debbie. Showing of The Star have been cancelled. Should we repurpose The Star?  Should we make our own Occupy Whatcom Death Star? 


  1. Solutionary Rail Book is now available. We voted to buy a copy. Debbie asked us to call the Bellingham Public Library, and ask them to get copies.  We could also ask the Whatcom Public Library System to get copies.   Peter has a copy and Ronna has one on order.


  1. What will Trump do with the Ecology, EPA, etc. Will he try to get rid of these governmental organizations?  Very scary!
  2. The county council will meet on December 6 with public meeting re: the moratorium on water wells in the county. Need all hands on deck.


  1. Will happen to protest the Trump Administration Inauguration, and all the many things it will do to make life miserable for the 99% of us. Should we go?

There will be no Occupy meeting November 25 due to the Thanksgiving Break. 



Ula Ga Amo Yinehi!  Chief Water Dweller!  Cherokee!

Open wide your turkey feather cloaks and cover me!

Wakinyan Zatha Pa! Chief Thunderbird! Lakota

Shake out your eagle headdresses and let us fly free!

To join, with determined warriors, making a stand

At the rock in the sacred heart of this land.

Where once we walked in balance with all our relations,

Today we battle to protect the integrity of our nation.

Amo Adawhei!  Rainmakers!  Listen to me!

Your servant/masters of elemental liquid purity,

Who regulate flow from melting snowpack to warming sea.

You have lost patience with our self-absorptive immaturity.

For we have sucked the moisture dry from rivers, creeks and lakes,

Where all living things no pay for our mistakes.

I cannot ask forgiveness for our cumulative greed.  Only that,

The innocent not suffer for our taking, taking more than we need.

Grandfather!  Our people named you Leader of the Spirits that live in

The water.  I am asking you to help us now and make me proud to be

Your Granddaughter!             Wado!


Margaret, Ellen, Ronna, Peter, Mike, Debbie, Rainbow, Alyce, Lindsay, Charles, Marcia

The blessing today was a poem IN SERVICE TO WATER written and read by Rainbow dedicated to her Grandfather.

Minutes approved.


  • Vet’s Day bannering was successful.
  • Debbie is going to Standing Rock in a caravan to build winter shelter with Backbone for 45 people.
  • Monday at 7pm at Mt, Baker Theatre Danny Hayes will give a free program. (This has already taken) place.
  • On Sunday, Rainbow will have another of her programs at her home. (This has also taken place).
  • Thursday Nov. 17th at WECU Holly St. Educational center.  Our Revolution post-election meeting with potluck.


Resolution against The TPP goes to County Council.  Ronna is meeting with Barry Buchanan (council member) about supporting the resolution against the TPP.  It has been revised to relate topics to Whatcom County.

The Death Star is here in Bellingham.  There is a call for actors; a script is available for the Star’s companions.

ACTION Ronna has paid for and hopefully will receive the movie WE THE PEOPLE 2.0 soon so we can all watch it.  Movie is going to be shown in the first week of Jan. 2017.  Ronna will set date and place (probably Bellingham main library).  It has been suggested to show it at MLK Day. (contact Barbara Rofkar for this)

ACTION:  Peter wants to re-write our US Constitution with the rights of nature to be included.  Thomas Jefferson wrote that it should be done every generation.  Bolivia has written the rights of nature into their constitution.

Dianne—She had her stem cell transplant on Nov 9.  She is tired and resting.  Card sent around.  Ronna contacted the Kulshan chorus and they will put something together for her.  Ronna will ask them to share with her and she will share with OCCUPY.

FUTURE FOCUS DISCUSSION The following comments were made.

  • Peter: Financial crash coming soon.
  • Mike: Fraud in corporation, no restraint on Wall ST. will be the cause of crash.
  • Ronna: revolution has started already. On September 17, 2011
  • Ellen there will be a great need to protect the emotional well-being of vulnerable people such as the undocumented persons in our society. There is terror after our recent elections.  The Donald has promised to cut Federal funds to sanctuary cities.
  • Lindsay: write letters to support sanctuary cities. Border Patrol Watch.
  • Ronna: Hot lines for the undocumented.
  • Charles: involve Churches. C to C has developed sanctuaries in the past.
  • Occupy to become ally to these above-mentioned groups/organizations.
  • Take over Dems is a focus for Occupy.
  • Empower youth and voter block.
  • Teaching potential candidates for office.
  • Maintain a strong commons
  • Foster worker cooperatives
  • Book recommendation— Ralph Nader’s “Breaking Through Power”



Ronna, Margaret, Ellen, Marnell, Peter, Marcia, Debbie

Peter read The Acknowledgement to Our Coast Salish Neighbors.

Previous minutes approved.  Cards signed for Dianne and Dottie.

Proposal to spend $100.00 for 100 People to show “We the People”  We voted to spend the $100.00 and show the movie.  Planned to be shown sometime in January.  The working group on this is composed of Ronna, Debbie, and Ellen.

Our Dianne will receive a  Stem Cell  Transplant on November 9th in Seattle.  She will have to stay in Seattle for 4 months after the procedure.  Best wishes to Dianne, and God speed!

TPP to be put in front of   the Whatcom County Council.  The Resolution will be rewritten before presentation to Council.  It doesn’t need a 100% to pass.  The Next Whatcom County Council will meet on Dec. 5th.  Needless to say we will be there in full force.

The Death Star will be visiting us on Dec. 1st  thru Dec. 3rd.  The First at WWU.  The 2nd  at the Vigil and  the Art Walk.  The 3rd at the Saturday Farmer’s Market.  The DEATHSTAR arrived mysteriously on Debbie’s front porch this week

It was suggested we read the article in the Bellingham Herald about the Carbon Tax (Nov. 2nd), or better yet the NY TIMES.  Mardell gave the suggestion.  A Carbon Tax is scaring coal companies.

Mardell will research putting up a plague in Marine Heritage Park, Bellingham for the Occupiers arrested during the Occupation of the park five years ago.

Wamend is planning a retreat.  More on this later.

Marcia told us what’s happening to her job.  She asked us to do several things for her.

Peter said that we need a new US Constitution.  On a local note a proposal for a Whatcom County for a ‘People’ Summit” has been suggested.

We also had a discussion on the Occupy Manifesto of 2011, and how to move further.  Also how to get momentum going and keep it going.  Maybe Tuesday’s election will spur us on.



Present:  Ellen (facilitator)   Alyce ( minutes),  Peter,  Debbie,   Charles Law

Debbie reported on work of Backbone.  She reported on a book in the works called Solutionary RailSolutionary Rail is a book about electrifying the rail system to create mass transit along with infrastructure to move green energy. Bill Moyer went to Standing rock briefly, and was inspired to add a chapter to the book, including how the tribes can be included in the process. In light of how the railroads were instrumental in the decimation of the tribes, how can they be used for healing anywhere that the rails go through Indian country.  Can we help promote the book?

Someone raised the name of Ava Duverne who is a filmmaker (Selma) that just put out “13th”, which is a film showing how the 13th amendment replaced slavery with mass incarceration. On Netflix streaming. It is fantastic, in Debbie’s opinion.

Ellen read aloud the statement from Bellingham’s Veterans for Peace about solidarity with the people at Standing Rock against the militarized police from the county and state of ND as well as coming from cities and states all around to attack and arrest the Native people who protect the waters from the potentially disastrous oil contamination.

We all plan to attend the Peace Vigil and the demonstration for Standing Rock.  Peter brought in banners on the treaties for us to hold.  Giant banks are financing this $3 B pipeline.  No regard for people, water, mother earth.

Charles brought forth an idea for training people on how to run for an office.


Ronna has been doing some work toward our TPP goals.

  1. Meeting this coming Monday with Barry Buchanan and Matt Petryni to discuss strategy for getting the Proposed resolution introduced and passed by the county council to oppose the TPP.  Barry is enthusiastic about doing this.  We will probably want to have people come to the council and express their support of opposing TPP.
  2. Re-scheduled the TPP DEATHSTAR for December 1, 2, 3.  So far thinking is day 1 up at WWU and have a few students willing to help.  Day 2 – Vigil corner and at walk downtown.  Day 3 Farmers Market at Depot Square.  All these days will also entail light projection, street canvassing with handbills and possible bannering with our 4 TPP banners.

When the elections are over these actions against TPP will be critical as it is thought it will come up in the “lame duck” session.  It will require all hands-on deck!  Make your phone calls in the meantime!

Dianne:  here is the caring bridge last post.  Journal entry by Vince Foster — 10/25/2016

Folks, There have been some challenges but we got through them & are moving forward. The challenges included; Dianne reinjuring her back, (which is made worse by the muscle loss from chemo), having to get her PICC line out so every blood draw & transfusions means a needle stick, (with good veins getting scarce), gall bladder surgery, (which got delayed because of the back injury), and finally my needing an urgent prostate surgery. Dianne’s back is getting better with chiropractic, physical therapy & lots of massage (by yours truly).The gall bladder surgery went well & her recovery is also. They are still finding good veins & Dianne will be getting a Hickman central line soon. And my surgery was a success & my recovery also went well no little part to the wonderful support of our “Slow Poker” friends in Bellingham, who got me to the surgery & took care of me after. Thanks again! We heard today that Dianne will be starting the 6 day conditioning” (chemo & radiation) for transplant end of next week. Still lot to get done by then; lumbar puncture, Hickman placement, & other exams, but we are on track. Thanks all! Vince

We shared a hug to protect us from the stress and sadness of this confusing election time.  And to prepare us for what lies ahead.


Present:  Ellen (facilitator),  Alyce (minutes), Debbie, Lindsay,  Marnelle,  Marcia,  Mike,  Peter

Reports:  Debbie reported on her whirl-wind trip to Las Vegas to work on Backbone/Ultraviolet’s  7-city light projection show against sexual assault and violence.   She flew into Vegas, had to find batteries,  choose a spot and set up.  She did find 2 young people to help, get the light set up, and have significant conversations with people, and get some pictures to share and document the action.  This led to discussion among us:  Peter pointing out that sexual abuse is so common in the US that we need Truth and Reconciliation, especially from men.  Among any group of women there are stories of abuse.  Marnelle spoke of her interest in the pregnancy crisis center here and of the people, stories, and needs.  The trafficking for sex is present and we need ways to stop it.

On the situation of the TPP we reported that 5 Occupiers held banners and distributed information on stopping the TPP last Saturday morning outside the League of Women’s Voters forum in Bellingham.  Congressional members Larson and DelBene had to enter the building past our banners.  They are continuing to “stonewall” the issue during their campaigns.  The demands of this election season means that we are not ready as a group to tackle to Death Star street theatre in Bellingham, November 3-5.  Mike suggested new helpers who might be enlisted to lead and perform.

Peter read the statement of our ties to the people and all life of the Salish Sea.  The rescheduled “What about those promises?” to be at the Syre Center of WCC on Sunday at 3 p.m.  Actions throughout the country are forming under the name of Bold Nebraska, Bold Iowa, etc.  Is this an idea for around here?  Ellen reported a question from Lummi leader Ballew:  “Did the settlers GIVE the native people 50% of the catch or did the whites TAKE 50% of the catch?”

Marcia’s report on her readings led to deep thought on means and ends, racism, beloved community, militarism, mechanization., value of GDP and the work of peaceable change.

Alyce Werkema



Peter, Alyce, Ronna, Marnell, Marcia

Again, with so few attending we sat in conversation and had a lively and more extensive conversation than last week.  We did give some reports and followed through on last week’s conversation. Here are some details.

Ronna initiated again with a brief about what we talked about last week.  Peter declared that what is needed is “truth and reconciliation” and a “general nationwide confession”.  When asked about who needs to confess and to whom it gets a bit sticky.  We all agreed that it was the corporations that needed to do this.  It seems unlikely and we could not go any further with how we could make them confess to what they have done to harm the people and the planet.

Then we spoke about that corporations needed to be “fired”, restructured into worker co-ops and/or worker owned businesses or worker collectives.  Argentina was cited as an example of how this worked out well when businesses fled and workers took over the “means of production.”  Not working out so well now that the corporation have returned and want their businesses back!

Marnell shared with us some work that she did while in OCCUPY Coachella Valley and how they always like to debrief/analyze their actions talking about mistakes, successes and what to do next time.  Ronna will copy and share with group.

Ronna brought up the CELDF movie “We the People 2.0” and suggested we all take a look at the trailer.  SHE was very positive about this being our next action after the election because we will need to have our feet on the ground on November 9.  No waiting around for anyone to “save us” (as we did with Obama).  Those present agreed to share the cost ($100) of a license for 100 people.

Marnell shared a book she is reading by Matt Kennard “The Racket”.  She will report when she has read more of it.

Ronna reminded folks that tomorrow at 0900 we will banner TPP at the LWV for Larsen and DelBene who will be appearing at an election forum.  She also mentioned that the TPP DEATH STAR will be here on Nov 3, 4, 5.  Needing concrete involvement by others to make this a success.  Also, that we are ready to go to County Council with our proposed resolution and Ronna will be calling Barry Buchanan soon who agreed to introduce this to the council.

Marnell shared where she is working with Coltura and the Gas Ghosts street theater.  Suggested she contact Clean Energy folks (Eddy Ury), Jill McIntyre-Witt at Bellingham and Rising Tide Bellingham.  She plans to contact circus folks and Idiom theater to generate interest.

Marcia advised and suggested that when planning events, we are careful to know and understand our purpose and what the “means” and the “ends” are that we seek.  The last thing talked about was a reminder of our vision of justice and Marcia stated that there are people who seek “justice for the unborn”.  These people might feel as strongly as we do about our “brand” of justice.  Definitely food for thought and needs more discussion.  Is there a deeper justice?  Broader justice?  It can’t just be about “our” kind of justice.  What is needed to right this sinking ship caused by the corporate coup will take all of us.  So, we must work on these messages.

10 OCTOBER  Notes from OCCUPY BELLINGHAM by Ronna Loerch & Ellen Murphy

Since we had so few members present and thus no reports from the missing members we sat in conversation for the 1 ½ hours.

Ronna initiated with the question about the value of OCCUPY BELLINGHAM.  She expressed the feeling that while she thought OCCUPY has much to offer there seems little evidence that anybody is interested in what we are about.  Admittedly, we are more about the calling out and exposing through education which may appear boring to some.  IT is an intellectual pursuit in the name of overcoming this corporate strangle-hold on our nation and the people.  I-735 and TPP are a big part of our struggle currently.

There was pushback from Ellen and Peter saying that we have done many things -even when we think there is a lull we seem to be engaged in various activities.  From supporting, helping publicize to co-sponsoring events.  The summer Peace Boat (The Golden Rule) is a good example.

Peter was especially clear when he stated that OCCUPY works to “defang the corporate monster”.  He further said that we (Whatcom County Community) must do this together.  No one movement or organization that is “siloed” into their own actions/activities can do it.  Every activist group in Bellingham is doing is extremely valuable work and we are happy to help with their actions/activities.  Especially troubling is the “Our Revolution” folks who seem to be siloed and duplicating some of what the community is already engaged in doing, i.e., I-735.  If these groups cannot get together in some way these Bernie people, mostly young and enthusiastic will be lost to the hinterlands again.

We came up with the idea of a community congress.  Upon further discussion, we thought the Salish Sea Community Congress was an apt title for a new organization.  Congress infers working together and making decisions.

Then Marcia arrived and brought out the idea of engaging people from other nations/cultures.  There is so much of this activism going on in the world that it might be helpful to hear from others who are waging these battles.  The World Social Forum was mentioned as a worldwide group.

Ellen spoke with feeling after Marcia’s comments about connection with the world,  She stated that if we want to connect with the issues of other countries and cultures, the thing they need the most is for so-called America to own up to its disease of exceptionalism, domination, extreme propaganda, extreme spying and manipulation, extreme shooting, bombing, threatening nuclear world holocaust, poisoning, etc. and tell the truth about the damage it has done to many parts of the world, and is still doing. Peter elaborated that we should stop using euphemisms (explanatory words) such as militarism, but feeling words and descriptive words . He gave what an example might be by suggesting instead of even a heavy word like genocide, to say extermination; or for wars, one could say not casualties, but slaughter of populations, and robbery of cultures’ sustainable ways and resources. Many writers and speakers have done this and are doing it but not the vast majority, including us.

It was an engaging conversation with engaged and caring people.


Ronna, Debbie, Luke, Marnell, Ellen, Peter


Friday, October 7th 7:00 p.m. First Friday with Swil Kanim and special guest Greg Pitsch

Te’Ti’Sen Center (Lummi Gateway Center) 4920 Rural Ave., Ferndale (Exit 260, Slater Rd) (Cross over I-5 and take right at stoplight on Rural Rd) Every First Friday is special!

Friday, October 7, 6:30 p.m. Film & panel discussion: “The Mask You Live in” United Church of Ferndale, 2034 Washington Street

Monday, Oct 10 Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day, TWO VENUES one after the other!

9:00 AM to 12 Noon: Whatcom Community College, Syre Auditorium

1:00 to 6:00: Northwest Indian College, Log Building

The theme is Clean Water and we will have speakers (including NWIC students who have been to Standing Rock), singers, and dancers. Please join us! For more information, contact WCC Intercultural Center, 383-3100 or our FaceBook Event page:

Wednesday, Oct. 12, Nick Mele will host a three-part series on practicing nonviolence toward oneself. Each session lasts 1.5 hours. Please see details and to register.

Thursday, October 13.  OCCUPY TABLE at WWU – will be on agenda next week

Thursday October 13 – First planning commission Work Session

Friday-Saturday October 14 & 15 – What about those Promises at WCC – Syre Student Center Auditorium.  (the 15th will be a benefit show for #NODAPL)

Sunday October 16

Sunday, October 16 at 4 PM.  Gary Giles presents “We Shall Not Sleep” at the Cornwall Congregational Church.  Discussion and snacks to follow performance.


October 19 7 PM Songwriting workshop with Gary Kanter back conference room TERRA Public Market.

 MTA – I-735

  • Successful bannering on 3 overpasses. Will do again for the next 2 Wednesdays. Starting time at 4:00 and meet up at Trader Joes for Alabama overpass.
  • Debbie attended a training to get oriented to how to phone bank. IF you think you can do this from your home – call Debbie (on the newsletter) For phone banking 6:00 pm and later is the best time.  Also Sunday is a good time.
  • Write Letters to the editors
  • Ask anybody you know with a “reader board” to post vote yes I-735.
  • Ronna will call Jerns funeral home on James street for permission to park in their lot for bannering on Sunset.


  • We will have the TPP Death Star on November 3, 4, 5. Now we need to plan the activity around that.
  • Luke sent the request to Kelli Linville to endorse a letter supporting I-735 and he will follow-up on that.
  • The LofWV will have a forum for the 1st and 2nd congressional districts at 9:30 am on Saturday October 15. We will banner and pass out handbills at the entrance from 0900 – 0930.  Anyone attending this forum – make sure to ask about whether each of them will oppose TPP.
  • Steve Garey made a comment about Larsen refusing to speak to a group who plans to bring up TPP. Ronna will contact him for specifics and whether we can use it.

I-732 Discussion at the Leopold with Rosalinda Guillen

Marnell reports that Margaret attended form our group.

It was a small crowd and some were still resistant to hearing against I-732 and will probably vote yes on this ballot issue.

WPJC – War resistance

  • Marnell reports her workshop on how to table in the High schools for kids being bombarded by military recruiting. There were 4 in attendance at the training.  Marnell will sign on to a couple of shifts when underway
  • Marnell agreed to post the agenda of this meeting with this group.
  • On this subject there was a discussion of Chelsea Manning and that we can write letters of support for her in prison. We are encouraged to not use words and terms that might get edited out by the “watchers”.  Her address is:  Chelsea Manning 89289; 1300 Warehouse Road; Fort Leavenworth, Kansas 06027-2304


  • Peter brought up the subject for discussion about how the National Security State is taking over our education system with the purpose of teaching our young people to “not think”. Teaching not for creative thinking, dialogue and critical thinking but just being trained to do a particular job.
  • There was a question posed about what teachers are thinking about this?
  • Marnell mentioned that where she is from her group “did the leg work” to find people interested in education to rum for local office, especially school boards.


Marnell reports attending a session with Jon Shaunessy where she met folks from Coltura – who do street performance on getting off gasoline depicting “gas ghosts” and “carbon cops”.  They are from Seattle.  Their web site


Ellen reported that she has been asked and gave a presentation on “Love as the Basis of Activism” at a local meditation center.

QUESTION:  If bellingham were to become unified with all activist groups working together what would we want to call ourselves.  One suggestion so far – Community Congress.

Put your thinking cap on!



Margaret, Ronna, Marnell, Alyce , Debbie, Peter, Marcia, Ellen


  1. Meeting with Ken Mann that Ronna and Steve Garvey had about the TPP for Whatcom County endorsement went well.  He was, at first opposed to any resolution but then got informed and seemed to change his mind.  Documents were given to him and sent by email.
  2. 3rd, 4th, and 5th the long awaited DEATH STAR will be visiting us. His schedule has not been completely planned out.
  3. Candidate Forum put on by the League of Women Voters at Bellingham City Council Chambers for the 1st and 2nd Federal District. It will take place on the 15th of October from 9:30A to 11:00.  We will banner outside against the TPP – meet up at 0900 and banner while folks arrive.  We will have handbills.
  4. The meeting earlier (12:00 noon) was poorly attended and this project could use more help. Ronna will try to find a way to connect with “Our Revolution” folks.
  5. Barb Hammer will try to connect to the weekly call.


Carbon initiative information meeting at 6:30 Sep. 29th(Thursday) at the Leopold.  Speaker will be Rosalinda Guillen.  Her plan is to have both sides of the issue presented for discussion.


  1. Debbie will go to get training for phone banking down in Skagit this week.
  2. MTA meeting Wed 28th at Terra starting out at 6P.
  3. On Wednesday 9/28, bannering for I-735 over freeways in Bellingham (3 spots). Banner ”leaders” will meet at TERRA at 3:45 to get banners then go to designated overpass and wait for helpers to arrive.

Marnell reported that she will try to attend a WPJC training/workshop for tabling at high schools about the realities of war.  On September 25   Below are the details.

every semester, veterans and other volunteers with WPJC visit high schools in Whatcom County to offer information on the realities of war, helping youth fact-check the promises of military recruiters.
We also talk about:
-Becoming a conscientious objector
-Ways to earn money for college other than the GI Bill
-Community service programs that pay stipends
-Educational opportunities
This training will prepare you to table with WPJC. We’ll go over responses to the most common questions and review our key handouts. You can browse the center’s library and borrow related books, as well as meet returning volunteers and hear about their experiences.
Afterward, stick around from 3-4 p.m. for a button-making party to restock our button baskets for fall tabling.
AMS is coordinated by Rowan Peterson. If you want to volunteer but can’t make this training, please email Rowan at peterson.rowan at


Peter, margaret (secretary), ronna (facilitator), marnell, debbie, barbara, ellen, lindsay, marcia

Things that have passed

  1. International day of peace at the majestic theatre on wed. Sept. 21. Occupy had a table. Great shout out to dianne.  Darrell hillaire’s speech was awesome.
  2. Skills share fair We didn’t go until Sunday. Saturday was rained out for us.  I had a nice time with my buddies (ronna & debbie).  We handed out many brochures and spoke to a lot of people.  I thought there would be more people.


  1. Thursday sep. 29th at 6:30p at the leopold. Information on I -732 in general terms of how to impose a tax or fee on carbon.   Rosalinda Guillen will be the main speaker.
  2. I -735 – Where to put yard signs where they are very visible.  Debbie is getting them out.
  3. Movie night Friday September 23, 2016  7pm at main library 210 central ave. Lecture room (backdoor entrance) .  The movie is called legalize democracy.  We will share information about the importance of i-735 and follow the film with a facilitated discussion.
  4. Farmer’s market on Saturday the 24th of sept. 2016. Informing folks of i-735 from 10-3pm on the outside.


  1. Ronna and Steve Garey will meet with Ken Mann for proposed resolution of the county to oppose the TPP. Leaving just Rud Browne to have preliminary meeting.  Then will ask Barry B. to introduce it to the council.
  2. The TPP action council continues to pursue the TPP Deathstar
  3. Bellingham’s mayor might be signing on to oppose the TPP.


We are advocating to expose the privatization of education where ever it exists.  Our marcia is doing just that.  I know we appreciate her lonely uphill battle.




Present:  Ellen,   Pete,   Marcia,   Marnell ,  Barbara,   Ronna (facilitator)    Alyce (secretary)

Monday,  Sept. 12,   Rally for Standing Rock organized by Jill McIntire-Witt of  People gather at the steps of City Hall at 5:30.  Occupy will bring the banners on treaties.  Following the rally Roxanne Murphy will present a resolution to the City Council in support of the action at Standing Rock. (IT was approved unanimously)

Tuesday, the 13th is another County Council meeting.  There will be a council vote on the request to extend the contract with PIT for 18  0 days while they “wind down” their activities and contracts.   These complex issues go back to the 1993 port development agreement.  The Planning Commission has important meetings coming up before the County Council gets back to its next votes.

UPCOMING:  September 17-18 Cascadia Skill share and Barter Faire to be held at the quarry near Alger.  Occupy has skills to share such as showing banner making, GOBO making and buttonmaking:  Peter showing making a hay bale cooker.  Set up at 9:30 a.m.    Be prepared to spend the day.  $15 cost for admission. If someone needs scholarship money, speak up.

Marnell reported on her study of I-732 on the carbon tax.  The environmental community seems to be standing down.  It is very complex and its cost to people (especially poor people) is uncertain.   Recommended is

I-735 remains priority of many occupiers:  We will pass out fliers including Thursday Farmers Market.  Barbara would like a sign on her wheel chair.  We will hold banners across I-5 on 28 September.  We need to get holders for 4 signs.  We will show the film, Legalize Democracy at the Bellingham library on Friday the 23rd at 7 p.m.  Free to the public.  Discussion following on follow up actions, advertizing.

Sept. 21st, International Day of Peace, 6 p.m. at Majestic Theatre on Forest.  Darrell Hillaire will be the recipient of the award this year.  OCCUPY will table at this event and so please sign up.

Notes:  Dianne Foster’s 70th birthday is September 14th.  She is in Seattle for ongoing treatment.  Marnell reported that the family of our friend Evelyn who passed away recently  just after her 100th birthday held a Mad Hatter Party in her honor at her home at the Leopold.  This was at the bequest of Evelyn.



Present:  Carole L.,  Debbie C.,  Ellen M.,   Margaret H.,  Marcia L.,  Mike Kaufman,  Peter H.,  Ronna L. (moderator),  Alyce W. (minutes)

Debbie reported on plans, progress on Initiative 735–Get Big Money Out of Elections.  We have some yard signs to get scattered around the area on major roadways.  We will report back where they are placed.  The statewide day for bannering on I-5 will be September 28.  We need people to hold 3 banners for several hours.  People from the Bernie groups are offering to help.  Carolyn McGlothlin have made buttons.  Elaine Hornal offered to help.

The annual Skillshare Faire will be on Sept. 17-18 at the old quarry near Alger.  OCCUPY agreed to table on Saturday, the 17th.  Ronna, Mike and Debbie will work on the details.  We do not have enough members to make a second day.  Visit the web site – it’s cool.  We will present some of our skills such as banner making, handmade GOBOs, and button making.  This is the first year Transition Whatcom has agreed to host what is considered “political groups., ReSources and OCCUPY have been invited (that I know of)  The web site is very lovely.  Check it out.  Gives a map to the site.

The County Council will meet Tuesday the 13th and may vote for an extension on the hold currently on the EIS.  The County Atty. may be trying to get around the hold.  Strong attendance is required at the meeting.

Ronna reported on the TPP group which is working to get the County Council to vote for a resolution against passage of the TPP.  Barbara Lewis (new head of 42nd Democrats) is helping develop a facebook page.  We need to prepare for the arrival of the DeathStar props so we are ready for street theatre and publicity about the danger of TPP.  Peter reported that he had attended the meeting of east county democratic PCOs in Deming.  He talked about the dangers of TPP and reported that the TTIP is going down in Europe.  ACTION NEEDED Please

  1. note any time that DelBene, Larsen, Cantwell or Murray are hosting an event or appearing at one local. Let someone know so we can get there to show our opposition.
  2. Call again and urge others to do so
  3. Write LTE and directly to them at their WA offices. Takes too long to reach them in DC.

The actions of the Lummi totem pole journey and the Standing Rock Sioux gathering are getting wide attention.  Dr. Kurt Russo has a post titled “Cathedral of the Blue Dome”, of our care for Mother Earth, and the important idea that we are not protesters–we are protectors.

Marcia entertained the subject of B.I.G. – Basic Income Guarantee.  Ronna reported that this is an idea from OCCUPY WALL STREET for a while that has not caught on in the west.  Some discussion of the merits of such an idea, i.e., the simplification of the social safety net.  She also suggested watching American Odyssey a film about military and corporate collusion.

Mike Introduced and gave a short summary of a banking rule from the 20’s (?) called the “Uptick Rule” that was eliminated as part of the banking deregulation in the Clinton era.  It was a rule that did not allow huge profits to be made on what is termed a “short sell” of a stock.  We agreed to think about a way this could be brought to the attention of the people (mission to EXPOSE) as part of OCCUPY resistance to the money being made by bankers and financial markets.  Good movie to watch is “THE BIG SHORT to get an idea of “short selling”.

Carol introduced an idea of “learning to think like a corporation”.  Our product would be “happiness and the people would be the “stockholders”.  There could be a 5 year plan on how to get there, i.e., How to improve dividends.  There was short discussion and questions were asked such as:  How would we improve the dividends. Where are the dividends, where would be in 10 years.  A comment was made that this could be related to “Nature’s Trust”.  Would it seem more “corporate” to put this concept into monetary terms?

Submitted,  Alyce Werkema



Margaret, Alyce, Peter, Ellen, Luke(visitor), Ronna, Marnell

BLESSING read by Peter honoring the people of the land in which we reside today


August 31,  6 pm MTA WHATCOM meeting at Debbie’s house

August 31  3:00 pm Public education meeting on CARBON WA (I-732)  at Leopold

September 1, at Wolf Killing protest rally at Department of Fish & Wildlife HQ, Olympia. 12-2

September 5 (Monday) 10-4 Fairhaven Park Labor Day Union Potluck Picnic

September 9, 1200 noon TPP Meeting Sept. 9th at RE Store


GOLDEN RULE   Successful visit.  Boat rides were cancelled 1 day, because of high wind.  Over $1200.00 raised.  The talk at Buf by Dr. Freeman, Physicians for Social Responsibility,  was reported to be excellent.  Dr, Freeman is from Bellingham. 50 people attended the potluck picnic on Sunday in all that wind! Helen from Golden Rule said Bellingham was the most receptive place on the boat’s journey so far.  Thanks to Ellen for all she did to make this visit great.

IT is a current issue as the U.S. is planning to replace its nuclear weapons which will cost trillions.  1/3rd of our nuclear weapons are in our neighborhood at Indian Island offshore of Port Townsend and at the head of Hoods Canal.  Doesn’t it  make you feel safe?   There are 8 trident subs at Bangor, each with 108 nuclear warheads, and just one of them could wipe out the world as we know it.  WHY, WHY, WHY!!!


I-735 – WAMEND. David Cobb   Speaker, on the History of Corporations in America, was in Mt. Vernon.  It was well attended.


TOTEM POLE JOURNEY  The totem pole is going to Standing Rock, North Dakota, on its journey.  There are postings of this trip on line.  The best link is Our Shared Responsibility and you can browse through and get all the journey publishing.


The NW Washington Fair in Lynden   The Dems had a booth. Alyce reports that overall it went well.  People were asking questions about the Initiatives on the Nov. ballot.  She said there were all kinds of people.  Alyce organized the 36 people who worked at this booth.  Congrats are in order for our Alyce.


I 732 GATHERING at the Leopold     Marnell said it was good and informative, but there are some issues with this initiative.


BELLINGHAM HERALD   Marnell said there were 6 to 7 comments on the sexual assault in Maritime Park.  The comments were on prevention, they were thoughtful, and spoke to the violence against women.  Letters to the Editor come out just in the Sunday Edition of the Herald.


TPP recent meeting that was headed by Ronna.  Ronna has taken over while Dianne is healing.   It was a good meeting, and Ronna thinks she got 10 new people to help.  This group is trying to get County Council endorsements.  1.) seek someone to introduce it at council  meeting. 2) pass it in one  council meeting 3) tie it into moratorium on fossil fuels


A member of the group will work on getting THE DEATH STAR for MID SEPTEMBER  Maybe with street theatre and a script.  Stay tuned – we will also do light projection, bannering and canvassing with handbills during this week of action.


Peter, Marnell, Margaret, Ronna, Ellen, with visit from Helen (from the GOLDEN RULE)

BLESSING: THE Acknowledgement of Our Coast Salish Neighbors


  1. DAVID COBB 735 Aug, 25th   6P to 8P   United Steel Workers Hall   47 Alder Lane, MT. Vernon.   He will be talking on ” THE RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES OF THE TIME LINE”.  VERY INTERESTING HISTORY OF OUR NATION leading up to our #735 which will be on ballot for you to vote on in the November Election.
  2. AUGUST 24TH INITIATING THE REVOLUTION from Bernie broadcast.  View with others at Miller Hall room 152  Western Washington University.  Arrive at 5:30 p, broad cast will start at 6P


  1. Rome Grange Hall 2821 Mt Baker Highway – same time.
  2. Reminder of the Golden Rule arrival and stay from August 20 – 22 with events throughout. Saturday – tours on the boat, Sunday potluck picnic at Zuanich Park form 6 – 8, Monday speaker presentations at BUF from 7-9.


August 29th:  Discussion on 732 for general public.  Time and place to be decided on.  This should be very educational, because it is (to me) complicated.  It has good and bad points.  This will follow the smaller meeting at the Leopold Thursday 8/25.


Not many attended the Totem pole event at BUF on Thursday – kickoff.  Blessing of the Totem Pole will occur at BUF at 0900 on Tuesday, August 23.  This is the 16th totem pole carved by the Lummi House of Tears Carvers led by Jewell James.  This started with totems poles for peace delivered to NJ (outside of NYC), the Pentagon, and Shanksville, PA after the 9/11 disaster.  From then on they were carved and delivered to native tribes throughout the coal, oil and fracking territories to bring unity in the fight for climate justice.  Each journey takes a circuitous course through many places of faith and native people as they promote unity through gathering, prayer and honoring of tradition.


About $700 was send to Salaam Center from Whatcom County.  Thanks to everyone for your donation.


Is trying to be serious about growing their party.  Putting notice on Hillary Clinton that she does not run on the left.  The Green Party has no chance of getting Jill Stein on Electoral College this time around.  5% of vote is needed to get $ from government.

Marnell asked about where to get endorsements for local offices.  The local Dems will print a “palm card”.  She mentioned that the LBTG community from where she hails printed one.  Keep an eye out for other sources!


MARNELL reported on an article in the Bellingham Herald that she found unprofessional and salacious, reporting on a rape with far greater detail than necessary and without merit.  As a newcomer to Bellingham she wonders if this is typical of this paper and was informed that it often is.  Many present spoke about discontinuing their subscription and not reading this paper.  The Cascadia Weekly and Whatcom Watch were mentioned as reliable sources of local news.


Ronna has scheduled a meeting for Friday August 26 at 1200 at ReSources.  Plans are to proceed with prior agenda including:

  1. Finding a person to work with Backbone Campaign to bring The TPP DEATH STAR to Bellingham for some street theater.
  2. Continue to meet with County Council persons to promote our proposal for a County Resolution opposing the TPP. Rudd Brown, Carl Weimar, and Ken Mann have yet to be approached.



Margaret, Ellen, Marnell, Peter, Ronna, Marcia

Acknowledgement of our Coast Salish Neighbors

“We acknowledge that this land is the traditional territory of the Lummi and Nooksack Peoples.

Their presence is imbued in these mountains, valleys waterways, and shorelines.

May we nurture our relationship with our Coast Salish neighbors, and the shared responsibilities to their homelands where we all reside today.”


1.)GOLDEN RULE—Sails into Bellingham Bay  and Ties up at Squalicum Harbor—AUGUST 20th and 21st—Tours of Boat and Rides on Boat for about one hour.

  1. August 21st at 6PM Picnic with crew with a potluck picnic.  This takes place at Zuanich Point Park Squalicum Harbor.
  2. August 22nd 7PM to 9PM at the Unitarian Fellowship, 1207 Ellsworth St Music and Diverse Speakers

2.) SYRIAN REFUGEE DONATIONS—Saturday the 20th of August at St James Presbyterian Church, 910 14th St, Bellingham—Drop off  from 8AM to 2PM.  Other location for Drop Off, Terra Organica from 2:30 to 4PM  at  OCCUPY Meeting , Friday August 19TH.


David Cobb from Move to Amend National will be coming for a talk on August 25th in Mt. Vernon starting 6PM at the Union Hall, 47th and Alder. Let’s get a caravan.


August 26, 2017 TPP working Group starting at 12:00 noon at RESOURSES UPSTAIRS


1.)  Marnell invited one of us to go to the Leopold for lunch with a Rep. from Carbon Washington (I 732).  Ellen was selected to go.  I hope Ellen will come back and explain what it is, at least to me.  This luncheon will take place on Aug. 25th

2.)  Bernie Meeting had 48 people in attendance.  They talked about ” what to do next”.

3,)   Dianne is going to Cancer Care Alliance on the 21st  of Aug. for 2nd Chemo course.  Best wishes !!!



Margaret, Peter, Alyce, Ellen, Ronna, and Mike (our visitor)

Acknowledgement of our Coast Salish Neighbors

“We acknowledge that this land is the traditional territory of the Lummi and Nooksack Peoples.

Their presence is imbued in these mountains, valleys waterways, and shorelines.

May we nurture our relationship with our Coast Salish neighbors, and the shared responsibilities to their homelands where we all reside today.”


  1. August 10th—Bernie Supporters at Bellingham Library, 6PM
  1. August 11th—Oil and the Salish Sea at BUF, 7PM
  1. August 18th—Green Party meeting at Resources (upstairs), 6:30PM
  1. August 18th—Totem Pole Kick-Off at BUF, 7PM-9PM
  1. August 23rd—Blessing of the Totem Pole for our climate


In 1958 three Quakers and others tried to sail to the Marshall Islands where Atomic tests were being conducted by our country which would have obliterated these Islands, and made them uninhabitable for human beings and other living things.  The boat these folks were on was called the GOLDEN RULE.  They were arrested and stopped, but other boats got through.  Because of these brave sailors atomic testing was halted in the Marshall Islands.

To honor and remember the Golden Rule, a refurnished Golden Rule sails again.  She will be here from August 20th to the 22nd in Bellingham.  This is not just history and something to remember, but our country is going to spend a trillion on “modernizing” these horrible weapons.  So, the sailing of the Golden Rule is unfortunately very relevant… Oh, God another nuclear arms race.  Just what we need a new COLD WAR.


Now for some good news, our Dianne is home from Seattle.  Her blood reports were good—YEAH!  Let’s send her and her family strong energy for more good reports.  We love you, Dianne.  A card was signed by those present and Ronna will deliver.


Our visitor, Mike, made us think about messaging, and I know it starting me thinking.  Thanks, Mike


Alyce, Margaret, Ronna, Debbie, Peter, Marnell(new), Marcia and guests, Harlan, Heather and Luco

Acknowledgement of our Coast Salish Neighbors

“We acknowledge that this land is the traditional territory of the Lummi and Nooksack Peoples.

Their presence is imbued in these mountains, valleys waterways, and shorelines.

May we nurture our relationship with our Coast Salish neighbors, and the shared responsibilities to their homelands where we all reside today.”


Peter wants to vote for Dr. Jill Stein or Gary Johnson.  What’s good about Johnson is that he is a two-time governor of New Mexico.  His V.P. is William Weld a two-time governor of Massachusetts.   He wants no more foreign wars, no death penalty.  Pro immigrant, and pro EPA.  What’s bad is that he wants to privatize schools.

Kudos to Alyce for speaking at Bernie Rally on March 24.  The march made the Herald with a front page photo.


“The Golden Rule” sails again and will arrive in Bellingham on August 20-22.  Several events will take place.  OCCUPY WS BELLINGHAM will assist with publicizing, material support for starters.  Ellen is the contact person for this event for the VFP.


Marcia’s guests were Harlan, Heather, and their very charming baby.  Harlan is a singer/ songwriter who in my estimation has a very good voice, and his songs were very poignant.  He played two of his songs for us.  They were great!  Heather is a student of Marcia’s earning her GED at Bellingham Tech.  Suggestions were given to this family for how and where Harlan might reach people with his music.  Included The Honeymoon Meadery for open mike.


Skagit Valley MTA is hosting David Cobb in Mt. Vernon on 25th of August.  More info. to come.

MTA Washington wants us to write Letters to the Editor which is kind of hard to do in Bellingham since there are no Letters to the Editor in The Bellingham Herald any more.  For what’s worth I did see a couple of letters last Sunday.

We will do Freeway Bannering.  Hopefully other groups will join to cover the entire length of I-5 freeway.

NW Fair in Lynden from the 15th of August to the 20th.  Call Alyce if you can help to spread info. about the MTA.  The Dems will have a large poster for this movement at their booth.  We will supply them with handbills.

Next meeting is on August 31st at 6PM at TERRA



Ronna, Ellen, Margaret, Peter, Debbie, Marcia


  1. Next meeting on July 27th at Terra Organica. Meeting starts at 6PM.
  2. We have been asked by MTA Washington to take 90 second videos of why we personally support 735. Those who have the technical acumen will do this filming on their I phones, etc.

Committee members will table at this month’s Co-op annual party.  Here’s the link to the web site and facebook page.


We had a discussion on who to vote for or against.  Alyce will send out an e-mail for her choices and the dems.  Ellen agreed to ask around for others whom she has consulted in the past and report back.  Ballots are due on August 2.  Peter reported on the forum held for Lands Commissioner.  His opinion is that Mary Verner  and Dave Upthegrove    are good choices.  He reported that Natalie McClendon is retiring from her post as head of the 42nd dems.


$135.00 was raised in her name by OCCUPY to support ROCK AGAINST THE TPP (Fight for our Future) that has HUGE rock stars (Tom Morello) who are giving concerts and information talks across our nation against the TPP.  They will be giving a FREE concert in August in Seattle.  Thanks Occupiers!


Good job of organizing Bernie People.  A big shout out to Mark Waschke for great planning!  There were speeches from other candidates for offices like Mike LaPoint who is running against Rick Larsen.


A boat  crewed by Vets protesting Nuclear Armament.   The ship is sailing up the West Coast and will arrive on August 20th at Squalicum Harbor.  August 21 they will give free rides on the sail boat. Bring the kids and have a picnic. On August 22 the Golden Rule crew will be speaking at BUF from 7P to 9P.  This is very timely:  because the government is planning a very costly update of its nuclear weapons.  Ellen Murphy (715-9197) is the contact person for the Golden Rule events.  From this web site you can get to the schedule and Facebook page (very nice!)


County Council Meeting starting at 7P.  The Fossil fuel industry has apparently intimidated our County Council, and the Council has tabled a decision on expanding fossil fuel exports in Whatcom County (The Lummi request and Carl Weimer’s amendments) .  Be at the county building in Bellingham at 6:30P for organization.  I suppose wear Red.


Marcia reported that the GED as an educational option for those seeking a “leg up” in the job market is being pushed out of the State of Washington.





Three of us went to Sakuma Bros. in Skagit Vally to give support to the Farm Workers in their fight for livable wages/safe working conditions.  It was a 1.5-mile-long march, Alyce marched with the group and Ronna and Margaret met them at the rally.  There were at least 200 people.  The Farm Workers Negotiators were going in to meet with the Bros.  report has it that they were unwilling to meet with the protestors that day.


The Council met in a “meeting of the whole” and present were a couple dozen “Big Wheels” from the fossil fuel industry, business alliance and others at the morning meeting.  In the end the County kicked it down the road, did not make a decision about Carl Weimer’s proposals and instead referred it back to the Planning Commission.   It was perfectly legal to have made a decision that evening and many of the people who came for the night County Council meeting said that the council was “kowtowing” to the “‘Big Wheels” of the fossil fuel industry.  They council will make a decision in a few weeks.  Several anti-coal folks were there to express their opinions about Carl Weimer’s amendments.


Donations can be made in Dianne Foster’s name this Friday at Occupy Meeting.  $70.00 has been raised so far  from our OCCUPY group here in Bellingham. There is a free concert by concerned artists who are putting on concerts around the country including Seattle to educate about  the TPP.  I will send the money to RAGE AGAINST THE TPP in Dianne’s name.


Three of us went on last Tuesday, July 19, to inform DelBene who was meeting in Lynden that we do not want the TPP.  DelBene is in favor of the TPP.  DelBene must have snuck in the back door, but she knew we were there.  Several of us had good conversations with Lynden folk about the TPP.  In my opinion, it was a successful action.




Ronna, Margaret, Ellen, Marcia

Ronna announced that DIANE FOSTER has been diagnosed with Acute Myelocytic Leukemia last week.  This Leukemia is very treatable, but Diane will have to go through chemo.  She is at the U. of W. Medical Center-UNIT 8-SA, 1959 NE Pacific St., Seattle, WA   98195. Her direct phone is 206-598-0700.  She asks for no calls for a few days. No fresh flowers allowed.  Send her your prayers and good thoughts.

RAINBOW’S class went well.  She will be having another class on Sunday July 31st from 1P to 5P in Maple Falls. Her phone # is 360 599-1199

THE SYRIAN REFUGEE COLLECTION will be on August 20th(Sat) from 9a to 2P at St James Presbyterian Church, Bellingham.  The address is 910 14th St.  Or bring your donations to Terra Organica (Occupy) from 2:30 P to 4 P Fridays.  Call 752-0075 (Margaret Hashmi) for pick-up.

ROCK AGAINST THE TPP CONCERT (scroll down for the Seattle venue) is coming to Seattle. FREE Date: Aug 19th(Friday) 5;30P Teach-In with Evangelin Lilly the actress.  Concert starts at 6P and ends at Mid-night.  The main organizer and performers are Tom Morello (Rock against the Machine) and Talib Kwell.

MOVE TO AMEND Whatcom will start ramping up in September.  There will be a table at the annual Co-op picnic July 31.

EDUCATION– Illinois has accepted the Hi-Set test for their GEDS.  The Hi-Set test is from a non-profit organization, and is cheaper than the for profit test.


  1. 7/11 March for a Fair Wage

Contract with Familias Unidas por La Justica.  Meet up at 3:30 at the Corner of Cook Rd and 99, Burlington. Car pool from Terra Public Market at 2:30. Ronna and Margaret will go even though negotiations will start.

  1. 7/12 VERY IMPORTANT Attend Whatcom County Council Meeting. Starts at 6;30P. Wear red to show support for comprehensive plan to discourage fossil fuel export projects.  The address is 311 Grand Ave., Bellingham
  1. 7/24 March for Bernie. Convene at 12:00 noon at City Hall. March to Maritime Heritage Park. Rally to follow with speakers and music. Bring H20 and soft cushion.



Margaret, Ronna, Peter, Ellen, Mark, Marcia


  2. There will be training for traffic management. More later. Sometime between Jul 15 and July 20th.
  3. Bernie is still in the race. There is some evidence of hanky-panky with voting in several states, and its being challenged. Ronna will send a link to the speech given in 6/23 “Where do we go from here?”
  4. Hillary doesn’t still have enough votes, contrary to our “news” organizations.


1, The Lummi Nation is having another Totem Pole Journey this Summer.  It will journey through 4 Canadian Provinces and 5 states.  It starts in Vancouver, BC and ends in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Winnipeg is the birthplace of Louis Reil who led 2 resistance movements against the Canadian government and was executed in 1885.  He sought to preserve Metis Rights and culture.  Metis is a term used in Canada for people of mixed native and European descent.

  1. You can donate to this journey at

MTA – I-735

MTAW invitation to I-735 update meeting on July 18th, 6P at Skagit Dems office in MT. Vernon.  Ronna, Margaret, and maybe Alyce and Debbie are planning to go.  Hope to have a good update and discussion of regional actions in the run-up to the November election.

The committee is working with COB to update the Resolution passed earlier to denounce the Citizens United ruling..

Planning for statewide actions and speakers.  Aug 24th -31st   David Cobb will be in the state for speaking engagement and Bellingham will see about having him here.  More details coming


Ronna, Margaret, Dianne, Lindsay will attend a TPP festival in Tacoma on Saturday, June 25.

The committee is still working on a county council resolution.

Plan for events in September and October.


Discussed having an OCCUPY action.  Settled on July 8th (Friday). State St. near Parkade . Organization of show begins at 7P with show actually starting at 8P.  It will have TPP and MTA Gobos.  Also, handouts about TPP and MTA.  This is still early light for our light brigade and whether it would be better to coordinate this action with the Friday market and art walk occurring on first Friday of month.


Marcia wants to have talk in Bellingham from members of the Tri-National Coalition in Defense of Education from across our borders.


The GOLDEN RULE is coming to Bellingham sometime in August.  The Golden Rule is a boat manned by Vets against war.  The original Golden Rule, manned by Vets, sailed into the Marshall Islands when the U.S. was testing Atomic bombs there.  More details when we get exact date of its arrival.  Get the newsletter on line at


Ellen wants to know what happened to the 3 folks who were arrested during Trump rally in Lynden.  There was supposed to be a pre-trial hearing on the 28th of June at County Court House at 9A.  Their story was broadcast on Democracy Now.


Margaret(minutes), Alyce, Peter, Ellen(fac.)


  1. Peter wants politicians to PLEDGE in public how they will vote before elections. It was suggested for Peter to contact Diane Foster since she knows more about the inter workings of the Democratic Party here in Washington State. He is especially interested in our two Federal Senators, and our two Federal Reps. (Larsen and DelBene).


The Salaam Cultural Center is collecting funds for Syrian Refugees in Lesbos, Greece where they are stuck in refugee camps.  The Salaam Cultural Center is based in Seattle and is 20 years old.  They have engaged in humanitarian and medical relief in the past in the Middle East.  They have also had cultural exhibits.  They want us to donate used clothing, small appliances, toys, etc.  Value Village here in Bellingham will pay  us, and then we will donate the money to Salaam Cultural Center which will buy appropriate clothing, medicine, and food then ship these things to Lesbos.  The Salaam Cultural Center’s e-mail address is

August 20th there will be a truck at St. James Presbyterian Church to pick up  the donations.  The address is: 910 14th St,. Bellingham.  The hours are from 9;AM to 2PM.  You can also send direct donations of $ to the Saalam Center.  More updates will be coming in the near future.


Patty Murray is coming to Bellingham for a fundraiser very soon.

We talked about Bernie Sanders at our last meeting.  Ellen wanted to know “Why doesn’t Bernie more talk about the endless wars we have been engaged in.”

10 JUNE 

Margaret(minutes), Ronna(fac.), Peter, Ellen, Alyce


  1. Celebration of the denying of the Cherry Point terminal and Big Thank You to the Lummis on the the 10th of June with Huge photo of the gathering, and the Lummi Stommish on the 12th of June have already passed.
  2. First meeting of the Donation for Syria Drive will be on Monday, 20th of June at 6:PM. It will be held at the Co-op Food’s Connections room. It will be a potluck.  It’s the Down Town Co-op.
  3. We are invited to a Send Off for Jan Peters (Ellen Murphy’s son) to Ireland. On Tuesday June 28th 5:30 -7PM at the Honeymoon Meadery. Food, Drink, performances of special songs, and with poems and stories from Ellen.  Jan will be touring in Ireland with Paedar MacMahon the winner of the Irish President’s Choice album.  This a “pass the basket” event.


  1. LIGHT SHOW on the 8th of July. Exact time to be decided, but around twilight. Maybe we go for a little supper before we put on show.  This will be against the TPP and for the MTA and all other OCCUPY subjects that we have handbills and GOBOs for.
  2. OCCUPY newsletter is out. Thanks Debbie and Ronna.


Nothing has happened yet on Pete”s Complaint. He will try to contact more people.  Peter brought us some lovely “wild cherries”.


Marcia brought up Guy McPherson.  Someone said that he may be a nihilist just out to make a buck.  I remembered the Millennium scare about computers all over the world crashing at the same time.  I asked a friend “why do they scare people”, and the answer was “money”.  They make money with books and speaking engagements.  Dr. McPherson is just one person with an opinion.  After that comment she asked about some information she has gotten from an acquaintance who says there are “several groups calling the shots”, A “hereditary aristocracy”, that we know nothing of them and there is nothing that can stop them.  We drifted off into discussion of this dark subject.  Mentioned were some “stones in Georgia”, (here is an article about it

the Rosicrucians, Knights of Templar, Free Masons, Mayan calendar, the rapture, the apocalypses.  Ronna said she would do some research and would send that out to the group.  (email sent on 6/13/16 -subject “calling the shots”)


  1. On the 9th of June, Satsuma workers walked off the job.
  2. The Breakfree protesters who were arrested on the railway outside of Anacortes are having their legal fees paid.
  3. Ellen said and she did send a poem by her on HOPE.
  4. Ellen gave us an update on the project across the street from her. John Benestrom filed a complaint against the company that is building the project. She attended a pre-hearing that set a date for a Public Hearing on the matter.  Bill Geyer is the local rep as head of the planning department.

The Whatcom Dems. Held their endorsement meeting. Neither Larsen nor LaPointe were endorsed (needed 60% vote) but LaPointe got more votes than Larsen.

JUNE  3,  2016

Ronna, Margaret (minutes), Debbie (fac), Peter, Ellen, Louie

Anew friend visited today, Louie from Boston.  She and her husband have moved here to stand in “vigil for peace”.  Welcomed by all and we look forward to seeing more of her after she is fully moved into this community.


Ronna reported that she sent a check for $125 (money collected last week) to the Paddle to Nisqually event coordinators for the “blanket Giveaway”.   The added news is that we will receive a free blanket – what we will do with it is yet to be determined.


  1. RALLY AGAINST THE TPP: Saturday, June 25th -12PM TACOMA, WA TO OPPOSE THE TPP.  I think that Ronna knows the place.  I am driving to Tacoma. Ronna is going, and I have room in my car for two more people.  Get in touch with me if you want to go.  My phone is (360) 752-0075 or Ronna at 360-305-2936.  This is important because knowledgeable people say that congress may try to pass TPP during the Lame Duck Session (after the election in November to the Inauguration).
  2. Our famous light show will be given on July 6th ,a Friday, at twilight. Exact time and place to be announced later.
  3. Tom Morello of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE( a famous heavy metal group) is planning concerts in various cities to stop the TPP. I do not know how much of their proceeds will go to to the campaign to stop the TPP, but I presume it will be substantial. ACTION:  Ronna will continue to keep tabs on this event and bring it to OCCUPY WSB when more is known.  Here’s the NYT article:


  1. This is the company that is bringing Tar Sands Oil to Burnaby BC to be exported to China, and the oil tankers will be going through our beautiful Salish Sea. It is coming through to Burnaby by pipelines.   Kinder-Morgan is planning to double its capacity for shipping this Tar Sands Oil.  It has been approved by the National Energy Board and all that is stopping this port is Justin Trudeau’s OK.   Mr. Trudeau can be said to be Green on the Outside, but Oily on the inside.  If you can can, pleased send an e-mail or other form of communication to Premier Trudeau to Oppose this Oil terminal in Burnaby.  Burnaby is an hour North of Bellingham so we will be directly affected since our city is on the Salish Sea.
  2. The Dogwood Initiative is an organization that strongly opposes this Oil terminal, and it is located in Burnaby. Its phone number is (604) 688-3578. It also has an e-mail site.  The Dogwood Initiative has been around for about 15 years working on Green solutions.  Article:   Learn more about Dogwood

On Facebook:

  1. Another site to get information about this oil terminal might be the INDIGENOUS ENVIRONMENTAL NETWORK (Tom Goldtooth).


Just starting discussions about forming co-operatives in our community.  Co-operative could include making clothes, making soil, solar farms, etc.  Thus begins our discussions about helping to make a just transition to fossil free energy.

SUPPORTING SYRIANS REFUGEES by WPJC and Voices for Peace in the Middle East

A donation drive to support Syrian refugees will kick off on June 20 at 6 PM at the Community Food Co-op Connections (450 E. Holly).  Rita Zawaideh of the Salaam Cultural Museum will speak about the crisis, show photos of relief work and how Bellingham can organize.  IT IS A POTLUCK – so bring a dish to share.


  1. Shirley Osterhaus’s last forum and personal speech was said to be wonderful and inspiring. She had slides of her visits to El Salavador, Honduras, Guatemala, Palestine, Mexican Border. The 400 forums  she organized were always very informative.  Just first class all the way.  I hope that can be continued in some form.
  2. Peter predicts Hillary will come out for the passage of the TPP in July or August. We will be watching.
  3. Ronna and Debbie will work to get a newsletter out about coming events.

MAY 27, 2026

Peter, Ronna(fac.), Rainbow, Alyce, Ellen, Margaret (min.), Marcia, Debbie

Rainbow made an opening statement:  (paraphrased)”This land is sacred and like all land we are here together to learn how to protect this sacred land, air and water and strive for healthy communities.”


  1. He sent a letter to Mary Christina Wood. He is waiting for a reply.
  2. Peter has heard nothing back from CELDF and will follow up with letter or phone call.
  3. He received an email from Stoney Bird with 3 names of lawyers, including Larry Hildes.


  1. Ellen identified the following resources:
    1. Opportunity Council (Greg Winters) have several programs that assist the homeless
    2. Homelessness Outreach team – these are volunteers who go out and try to connect with the homeless
    3. Francis House on Cornwall –42 apartments were built recently in downtown Bellingham. Certainly that’s not enough to serve the homeless in this county. These units were also for low-come citizens.
    4. Lighthouse Mission (Ron Pachinski) – states we need mare temporary shelters. There is a plan to build a “low barrier” housing.
    5. School District has a homeless support program.
    6. Marie Marchand is working for the city as a liaison to Faith communities to address how they can help with homelessness. HAS visited 12 churches so far.   1st Congregational is starting to provide temporary housing.
  2. Census said that there are at least 650 homeless in Whatcom. Many of these folks have MH and addiction issues.  Housing First principles are to house them first and THEN help them get clean.
  3. Mayor Linville has asked Gov. Inslee to declare an emergency in Bellingham because there is obviously not enough affordable housing for the homeless and low-income folk. The planning Department has taken on the Emergency Task of homelessness.  The city is committed to “low barrier” housing as part of a “harm reduction” program.
  4. Much energy is needed to get low-income housing, and temporary shelter with the goal of permanent housing asap. This will probably reduce addiction and mental illness that we see displayed on our streets.  Every human deserves a clean, warm, safe room of his or her own. It is my belief that housing is the single most important component in the problem of homelessness.  Are we as Occupy willing to take on this challenge?  We need to keep our elected officials’ feet to the fire on this problem.  I’ll get off my soap box.  Sorry, if my own beliefs got in the minutes.
  5. Ronna Suggest a solution with BIG (Basic Income Guarantee) that would eliminate the complexities of overlapping and gaps in programs. All agreed this issue is an outcome of the “Galloping Neoliberal Austerity takeover” and Capitalism.


  1. Alyce has informed us there will be a Farmer’s Day Parade in Lynden. It is on June 4th.  Alyce has “Lycoff” directed signs.  If you want to be in the parade assemble at 10:00 AM at 10th and Grover in Lynden.  Call Alyce at  354-4397 for more details. George Lycoff wrote the book on messaging for Progressives “Don’t Think of an Elephant”.  The viewing stand will be in front of the old Delft Square.
  2. Natalie McClendon is taken on the campaign for Doug Karlberg who will oppose Buys in the 42nd


  1. The Elliot Adams event was well attended. There was an excellent slide show.  People got on lists and there will be a group forming on Palestine in Bellingham.  If America was not the Mother of Israel , our country was at least the Mid-Wife.  We have a responsibility to bring justice to the Palestinian people.  Israel needs to be called out, again and again, and as loudly as possible.   Our group will wait to see what develops and how OCCUPY WS BELLINGHAM can help.
  2. Ronna Mentioned the following videos as great depictions, through music, of these terrible issues for the Palestinian people.


  1. Peter requests that we discuss how to support BC in their opposition to the Kinder Morgan pipeline that just got approved by Ottawa.
  2. Debbie suggests OCCUPY look for ways to support the community, prepare for climate change effects and make a “Just Transition”. Specifically she says starting cooperatives is a good way to start.  She suggests:
    1. Community Solar
    2. Locally Designed Clothing (mentioned checking in at Ragfinrery to see how they operate and whether they are making clothing)
    3. Making Soil – (Ronna) here’s a video to show what I mean. Transformational!
    4. Another Idea (Ronna)-


RECLAIMING OUR SPIRITUAL POWER TO PROTECT OUR EARTH —A training for those who are ready to integrate both light and shadow into an unstoppable transformation.  Sun. 26th 1-5 PM $25.00.  Given by Rainbow. Call 360-599-1199 for more info.

 There are 3 event that have come and gone…County Council, Green Drinks, Shirley Osterhaus retiring from the World Issues Forum and will present the last program on June 1 at noon.

Events to come:

  • TPP CALLS: June 5 and June 19th (Trading down – A Risk to your Wallet)
  • June 10th to the 12th Stommish takes place.
  • June 10th celebrate with ReSources on victory of the Army Corps of Engineering decision that there be no coal/oil terminals at Cherry Point. Held at the Village Green in Fair Haven starting at 6P.
  • June 25th – TPP Rally Tacoma
  • June 28th—Music fund raiser for Ellen’s son ( I believe). Her son will play and sing, and Ellen will read some of her poems.  It is being held at the Honey Moon Mead Bar after 5P.  More details coming.
  • June 30th—Paddle to Nisqually. Blankets $125 was collected to send a donation to the Nisqually people to pay for blankets as gifts for this annual event.  Ronna will send check in OCCUPY BELLINGHAM names.


  May 20th 2016

Margaret(minutes)Ellen, Debbie (fac), Ronna, Peter, Lucy, Diane, Marcia, Alyce, Mike Z came at the end of the meeting.


  1. Diane said John Perkins (Author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman) was on TPP call.
  2. Debbie said the DEATH STAR was not delivered to Bellingham. Instead it went  to Tacoma.  At the Tacoma action on June 25, we will attempt to get the prop for use in Bellingham.  It will be (hopefully) used at the Farmer Market to promote anti-TPP sentiment and create a photo op for visitors.  Get some publicity for the TPP!  It will need a few people to operate it.  ACTION:  Dianne agreed to contact folks South and find out.
  3. The TPP Resolution from Occupy is being delivered to each County Council member by members of the TPP Action Council. Barry Buchanan (per Dianne) has agreed to sponsor the resolution but it will be on the back burner until the Comp Plan is completed at end of June.  At this point we hope to have a public hearing and have it passed quickly.  From there we hope to move on to the City Council.


Marcia went to the TRI-NATIONAL CONFERENCE) at UBC.  Marcia after much hard work has found her Tribe.  The folks there were very supportive for Marcia’s cause (privatizing our Public Education).


It is not being solved by our local, state, or national governments.  We agreed that decent housing should be provided for our homeless population.  It is just not good for any of us from a moral or health viewpoint.  Marcia reports, “After our meeting, as I was going to the talk by Elliot Adams, I saw a desperate youngish man begging for more housing.  I said I would call the city and ask them do something about providing shelter for our homeless.  I am going to call each Bellingham City Council  member to get some help for these neighbors of us.  I am tired of seeing people on our streets in a homeless condition.  Some pressure is needed.”  Ronna reported that Salt Lake City has made great strides in solving its homeless situation with the nationwide program called HOUSING FIRST.   There is some movement in Bellingham for this program.  ACTION:  Calls to City Council are needed to promote the idea.  ACTION:  Ellen agreed to research what ordinances, etc exist by the City Council about homelessness.

TALK by Elliott Adams

He spoke about Palestine.  Some information about the BDS movement was handed out.  Some organization for this problem seems to be starting (hopefully) in Bellingham.  I signed up.  He was sponsored by the Veteran’s for Peace.


On Sunday Ronna, Debbie and I did some tabling for MTA  and TPP (and  ourselves) at the Pickford Theatre.  The movie was about climate change and was very well attended and very interesting.

Next meeting is on May 25 at 6:00 at TERRA.  The state organization is having budget needs and $100 was collected which Margaret will send down for a match.


2,000 people attended at 4 spots around Anacortes…at the state park, downtown Anacortes, on Marchs Point, and on the RR.  Peter said the police at the rails were intimidating with their Ninja outfits.  Jewell James talk at March Point was awesome.  The War Canoe was beautiful in the water and when it came ashore.   The air was heavy with pollution from the refineries.  Some people got sick.  I was tired, but in good spirits with such great people.  The herons were safely guarded by both march activists and enforcement. There was a concurrent three day long climate conference held at the Transit Shed/Action Center.  It was well attended with good speakers.


  1. Congratulations to Ellen for publishing an article on Daniel Berrigan (wrong spelling?) He was a mentor for Ellen when she lived in NY state. The web-site where Ellen published her article is called TRUTH DIG.
  2. A visitor to Occupy (Lucy) asked for us to think about skills to deal with being falsely accused. Thanks to Lucy for making us think.  She staed that we weaken ourselves when we get angry and are not able to “be in our power” The following comments were made when asked how each of us deals with personal injustice which we all agreed that we have suffered.  Lucy suggests we “get a platform”, learn skills and strategies.
    1. I try to hold my tongue
    2. I got acupuncture
    3. I clear the air by speaking out.
    4. I write letters to the editor
    5. I talk with others to find common ground
    6. I find allies
    7. I try not to be surprised

Ronna suggested (later) that we might ask the Lummi Nation for a workshop on this subject since they have had this experience for hundreds of years and are finding answers.

  1. Another thing we have been asked to think about is the emergency to deal with the Kinder- Morgan oil pipeline coming to Vancouver to ships to be shipped out through the Northern part of the Salish Sea. The Canada legislature approved this pipeline through Vancouver.  Monster tankers in our Salish Sea!  Good grief!  Stay tuned for news of actions.
  2. Alyce has asked us to help her with an art build to be held at her home. Her address is 1607 C Street in Lynden.  She wants us there at 1:00 PM on Wed. the 25th of May.
  3. Ellen had a piece published to TruthDig (unbeknownst to her). You can read it here.
  4. Peter requests that we discuss how to support BC in their opposition to the Kinder Morgan pipeline that just got approved by Ottawa.

May 6, 2016


Cynthia, Margaret(minutes),Peter, Alyce Ronna(fac.).Diane, Marcia, Ellen


  1. $1000.00 collected for Backbone at Fundraiser. $77.00 collected at cookie sale for OCCUPY WHATCOM.
  2. Thanks came to Occupy from Bill Moyer for our work in organizing during their time in Bellingham.
  3. Margaret will write thank you notes and will await the names and addresses


  1. Peter has not heard from CELDF yet. He is moving on to MarY Christina Woods for help, advice, etc.  with his complaint.  Ms Woods is at the University of Oregon.


A Discussion held at the Congregational Church in Bellingham which Ronna attended.  She said it was terrific.  Darrell Hillaire, a leader of the Lummis, was one of the discussants.  The Lummis have a traditional common ownership and a long term view of the world.  In contrast to capitalism’s private property and short term profits.


  1. Alyce has talked to Satpal about getting access to members of the Whatcom Family Farms, a conservative group concerned mostly about water rights in Whatcom County. WFF caters to large farms. Smaller farms can’t afford the paperwork.
  2. Barry Buchanan offered to sponsor the TPP Resolution in the County Council – after June Comp Plan is complete
  3. The team will continue to meet with other council members.


!. Yikes, the Donald will come to our County tomorrow (5/7), and there was a smell of sulfur in the air around Lynden.  There is a pre-rally protest on the Guide Meridian and telegraph Rd today form 4-6.


  1. May 13th—15th Event Center at Deception Pass 2. May 14th-family friendly Day 11;00 -5;30 with water ceremony  3. to participate locally , donate, etc. get in connect with Alex @ stand. earth.
  2. To see what is happening go to


  1. Marcia is going to a Conference in Vancouver this weekend. She wrote an article in the PEOPLE’S TRIBUNE about the effects of For Profit Education on students.


Cynthia gave us a list of things she is doing and suggestions. She had to leave early to go to her retirement job.

  1. Occupy meeting next Friday…on or off?


APRIL 22, 2016    OCCUPY

Margaret(minutes), Ronna(fac.),Peter, Alyce, Marcia, Debbie, Ellen, Dianne.      Since we missed a week of Occupy, for more hands on activities, some of these announcements, etc. have passed into time.


Continue to stay tuned to for up to date agendas, meeting places, workshops, times, etc.   It is coming together and OCCUPY WALL STREET BELLINGHAM is helping this weekend with a three day event, including art build, fundraiser and kayak training. (see next item).



The activities that we as OCCUPY engaged in last week were a success as far as I am concerned.  The fund raiser at Debbie’s house was a lot of fun, and who knew Debbie and Ronna were such great cooks (yum).  The Kayak activities were interesting for one who had a bad experience when she was 15 years old.   I sure I could have done more than go in circles if I had the wonderful training that the Kayak people had at Boulevard Park.  Congrats to those who did it (especially the older ones).  We had a bake sale to raise $ for Occupy and an info. table.  Thanks goes to the many people who brought cookies and to those who purchased them.  We met many great folks taking in the activities and sun.



Diane said it was most pertinent to connect with our local media.  i believe the Summit in Tacoma was covered in the last MINUTES of 3 weeks ago.  Like the purpose of the Summit and the people who attended.



Peter wrote a letter with Ellen’s assistance) to CELDF to get help from this organization with a lawyer.  As I understand, CELDF provides legal help to people/Organizations who are seeking environmental justice.



Marcia who does all the work in this field and tells Occupy about what’s happening in the privatization of our Public Education feels that the HI SET  TEST is more effective than the private Pearson test.  HI Set is far cheaper than the Pearson GED test. because the goal of the HIGH SET test is to help students taking the GED not making $ like the Pearson GED test.  My husband is reeling in his grave, because he saw this starting years ago.  His motto was EDUCATION IS NOT A BUSINESS, AND ANYONE WHO INDULGES IN THAT MOTION IS A FOOL AND AN EXPLOITER OF THE POOR WHO ARE TRYING TO GET AHEAD OR JUST TRYING TO SURVIVE.   Marcia is investigating how this “Business” is going about essentially making $ out of an activity that was doing well in helping to educate our population.   Education is a very important activity of government.  What else is our state government’s job?  Maybe jails to store our people in.   People Storage…a very bad idea. How about transporting the people of this state!   Thanks for letting me vent.



“Good to Be Home” reported be a lovely production by Alyce, Ronna, Peter.  It was held at the Silver Reef Casino Hotel Conference Center, and was written by Darrell Hillaire’s Setting Sun Productions with the actors from the Lummi Youth Academy.  Peter said the animation was excellent.

APRIL 15, 2016   

Margaret(minutes), Ronna(fac.),Cynthia, Alyce, Ellen, Peter


  1. Several of us have started meeting with Whatcom County Council Members for them to sign on against the TPP.
  2. There is a TPP Summit in Tacoma last Saturday with folks fighting against the TPP from around Washington, Oregon, and B.C. Margaret, Alyce, Ronna, Debbie, and Diane drove there from Occupy Whatcom. We will get reports on this Summit next Friday.


1, Held at WWU on April 9th.

  1. Pramilla J. who is running for MCDermott’s vacating seat in the US House of Reps was there speaking on immigration. Rosalinda and Kim Harris of Racial Justice Coalition, (as well as the person from Black Lives Matter who jumped on stage with Bernie) were also there.
  2. Things we already know, but need to be mentioned again and again: The Media has no depth in its coverage, making $ is the most important thing, it’s sensational, and a lot of it is just SILLY.
  3. The Social Blogs originally broke into the strangle-hold of corporate news, now a problem with passing on misinformation.
  4. Thanks to Ellen and Cynthia for attending this program and reporting back.


  1. Most people who attended and spoke out at this re-districting meeting were in agreement with the plan. There was some problem with some people about Sumas being included with the Foothill’s District and not with the Farming District.


  1. Peter will work through CELDF and has a contact person. Ellen and Peter are fine tuning the “complaint”. They were informed of the Environmental Law Center at WWU.

“I 735”

  1. Our Whatcom MTA is working with City and County Representatives to sign on for “I 735”.
  2. Rick Larsen is now(finally) endorsing “I 735”.
  3. State Organization for 735 is working on a LOGO.
  4. Democrats want banners with I-735 on it for fairs, parades, booths, etc.


Ellen most graciously attended and took notes to be reported on this Friday at the planning meeting at Salish Sanctuary for BREAK FREE


  1. NEED cookies for Sat. April 30th at Kayak training at Boulevard Park by 9 a.m. as part of the 3 day ARTFUL ACTIVISM.
  2. D. Hillaire’s has a showing of is his new play at Casino Event Center on April 20th at 7:30 PM. It is called ”IT’S GOOD TO BE HOME.”
  3. Ellen wants to have a War and Peace working group, especially after hearing David Swanson’s talk on War. 4 members signed up. She will organize.
  4. SNOPES is a reliable fact checking source.


April 8, 2016

Margaret(minutes),Ronna(fac.),Peter, Alyce, Ellen, Cynthia,, Joe,Debbie, Marcia

1. Put out sign for our meeting(sandwich board). – action  – Ronna will bring the sandwich siadewalk board and try it out.
2. Put content around the “Death Star” when it comes to Bellingham.  Ronna will work on this.
1. The Resolution is complete with appendix and references to go to the Whatcom County Council members for adoption by the county.   Thanks goes to the Resolution writers for this effort.
2. Twenty-three Washington State legislators have signed on against the TPP.
3. A 3rd meeting with DelBene about the TPP is wanted, but no date has been set.  Ronna states she will not arrange another meeting.  Will seek other volunteer.
4. TPP SUMMIT in Tacoma with education and non-volent resistance training on April 16th.  Those interested in going on this Trip are:Margaret, Dianne, Debbie,Ronna, Alyce.  We plan to leave at 7AM.

  1. The TPP DEATH STAR is coming to Bellingham onMay 14th.  An idea is to have your picture taken with D. Star at Bellingham’s Farmer”s Market to protest TPP.  Ziggy from Spokane is bringing the star.

1. Bannering for ” I 735” 4-18.  Need volunteers.

  1. DelBene has signed on for “735”,but Larsen hasn’t.  Debbie will call Larsen and ask why he hasn’t signed on.
    3.May 27this the date for next MTA meeting at 6PM.  It will be held at Ellie’s house.


April 28th 3-9 PM Art Build/Potluck

Salish Sea Marine Sanctuary 1308 Cornwall Ave.

Create materials for Break Free PNW events in May. Meet fellow activists and share a meal.

April 29th 7-9 PM House Party/ Fundraiser

1510 Mill Ave. Bellingham (near bus 14 & 401)

Help support Artful Activism! Good food, great company, silent auction, Sliding scale donation- $25-50

April 30th  Kayak Training at Boulevard Park Beach

Three levels of training include Intro, Leadership and Safety/Rescue. Two Sessions: 10 am and 2 Pm

Some Kayaks will be available. Sign up early to reserve one. (I am still waiting for backbone link to RSVP)
1. We will be protesting Oil somewhere in Anacortes.  The most important thing to do right now is sign the pledge:

1.Marcia called the State and National Education associations to asked them why they are supporting Hillary over Bernie.
2. 75,000 visas have been issued to foreign workers to get training here and then to go back to their  home countries to take away jobs from Americans. They will work for less.

1.New idea called BIG – Basic income guarantee  is becoming popular. It is one Occupy Wall Street demands.
2. State Democratic Leader in Washington is now supporting Bernie.
3.Panama Papers-Things are coming out.  It is the biggest data leak in history.
4. Recommended books:  The End of Protest; A new Playbook for Revolution  by M. White:

The Rich and the Rest of Us by Smiley (?)  and People Get Ready: The Fight Against a Jobless Economy and a Citizenless Democracy by  Robert W McChesney , John Nichols



APRIL 1, 2016

RONNA(facilitator), Margaret(minutes), Debbie, Elllen. Diane. Peter, Marcia


  1. 4-2-2016 There was a meeting at North Wood Hall in Bellingham with the Democratic candidates.  Plan is to hold banners as people arrive. Some thought that P. Murray would attend but she is not on the list. Dianne has a ticket, will attend and report next week at GA.
  2. 4-16-2016 A one day TPP Summit in Tacoma run by Backbone (We are an action brigade for this group) and Washington Fair Trade Coalition (we are a member of that group).
    3. The proposed resolution is complete(2 pages). Team members will seek out a County Council member to endorse it and negotiate it through the County Council for adoption.  We are now working on an appendix.  Thanks to Resolution makers for their  hard work.MTA
    1. Freeway bannering during Democracy Awakening period April 16 – 18.  We are not sure which day we will banner as it conflicts with the TPP Summit on the 16th.  Monday the 18th is the national action in DC.
  3. We might need more signs.
    3. Spoke about a resolutions to go to local office holders—not sure of this.KAYAK
    We have been called on to organize a Kayak Activist training skills workshop for 3 days, April 28 – 30.  First day, Thurs., an Art Build.   On the next day there will be a House Party to raise money.  Saturday – Kayak training. There will be 3 levels of training: basic, Intermediate, and activist .More news about this in coming weeks.

CAUCUS (general discussion of the caucuses we attended)
Precincts we attended were mostly for Bernie.  No trouble at these caucus meetings was noticed.   There was a large turnout.  Marcia took stack at her caucus, but I was too busy at mine. Good idea Marcia.

Again the question arose of whether to get involved in national elections.  Ronna agreed to access OCCUPY sites and see what they are doing.

1.  Marcia called the Washington Educational Association(WEA), and they were not happy about the call.
2. The Chicago Teacher’s Union is planning or has planned and doing a Shutdown of educational facilities in the city of Chicago to protest economic injustice and drastic cuts in educational services.  It seems that the powers that be in Chicago refuse to tax the wealthy and to have a progressive tax system.  Sound familiar?
3.  Write or call our local Washington State Legislators about their ignoring to solve the McCleary Decision.

MISC,  In TRUTH OUT—It seems that In Syria the CIA is fighting the State Department— each are supporting different groups.

We adjourned at 3;55PM and we talked among ourselves.

MARCH 25th 2016

Marcia, Peter, Margaret(minutes),Ellen(facilitator),Cynthia, Dianne, Alyce

Ellen read from “An Indigenous Peoples History of the U.S.


Swag handed out.  Some hostility was displayed at previous caucuses in other places than Bellingham.



TRANSNATIONAL which includes the NAFTA countries( U.S.,MEXICO, and CANADA), our Marcia had a  conference call with Sandra, Steve(teacher from Oakland), somebody from Chicago,and others.  Marcia who has done everything for over a year on Education or the great problems with privatization of our total educational system in Occupy, has tried to make contact with her fellow teachers in the Whatcom teacher’s association.  She is going to try to write an article in THE PEOPLE’S TRIBUNE, a newspaper of TRANSNATIONAL( I think there another word that goes with TRANSNATIONAL).


Peter had a meeting with Stony Bird.  Stony is looking into the complaint and will get back to Peter.


Alyce went to Seattle to see Bernie and she had a wonderful time with the young people.  Native people had a meeting with Bernie and Alyce said they looked pleased.  Also his meeting with Hispanics and Blacks  seemed to do well.

Cynthia has bought a copy of Michael White’s OCCUPY -END OF PROTEST book.  She will report back to us about it when she has read a bit more.


Cynthia, Ronna (facilitator), Margaret (minutes), Alyce, Peter, Ellen, Marcia, Diane



Resolution to County Council to oppose the TPP is to be finalized by March 20th.


  1. Swag for Caucuses
  2. Resolution to City and County
  3. looking for venues for MTA meetings
  4. Booth at Bellingham Farmer’s Market in the Summer months.


  1. Fill out form to expedite caucuses.
  2. TPP resolutions to Whatcom Democratic Organization.
  3. MTA swag will be available next Friday at OCCUPY meeting.
  4. Make resolution to submit to Democratic County convention about MTA
  5. Ronna will make enough copies of MTA Resolution, TPP handbill, MTA handbill, OCCUPY business cards for each OCCUPY member to take to caucus. Hand out or table.


Peter got a list of lawyers to connect  with about his complaint.  Peter wants to bring a dispute before a court of law against the U.S. government, I.S.D.S. etc. for allowing Trade Pacts like the TPP.  Peter has been advised to seek the help of Stony Bird.  OCCUPY has agreed to help him (consensus).


Bernie will be in Seattle Sunday.  There is a very active Bernie Headquarters in Bellingham at Holly and Cornwall.  Call Alyce for carpooling.  We will let OB know if there is a bus going down.


  1. OCCUPY is back in Zugatti Park in New York with signs for Bernie.
  2. March 31st from 6:15PM to 9:15PM—there will be a short course on Local Planning by the Commerce Dept. of the State of Washington.
  3. Chiara appealing fine for $20,000. Matt had 1st hearing at the Coast Guard in Seattle.  Matt has been fined $10,000.
  4. 6PM to 10PM, Music, Sat. 26th at Boundary Bay Brewery to remember the 100th anniversary of the Irish Easter Uprising.


Marcia did some outreach to get  together with some like -minded teachers.  She is getting in touch with teachers around the nation. She is getting a newspaper that comes out of Chicago to distribute about privatization of Education.





Cynthia, Joy, Ronna (notes), Dianne, Debbie (fac), Alyce, Ellen

Acknowledgement of our Coast Salish Neighbors

“We acknowledge that this land is the traditional territory of the Lummi and Nooksack Peoples.

Their presence is imbued in these mountains, valleys waterways, and shorelines.

May we nurture our relationship with our Coast Salish neighbors, and the shared responsibilities to their homelands where we all reside today.”


The local group met and there is ongoing activity.

Almost ready with a resolution we will take to the County Council calling on them to oppose the TPP and ask state lawmakers to do the same.  The local team will meet with individual council members and start the process of seeking a sponsor to take it to the full council

Have a tentative meeting with DelBene in April.  Ronna is coordinating that.

Several actions coming up:

  1. Saturday April 2 – Womens’ Democratic Club will meet at 9:30 at the Northwood hall for a candidate forum. Patty Murray will attend. ACTION: signs in protest and bannering.
  2. Sat – April 16 – there is a TPP Summit in Tacoma being hosted by Backbone Campaign and Citizens Trade

Dianne, Ronna, Alyce try to get on the conference calls and are staying up with the slide shows/calls


Alyce presented how busy this time is getting ready for the caucuses on March 26.  Ronna will send out inform on how to find your caucus location and pre-register.

Bernie Sanders has a local office at Holly and Cornwall (the old bank building)  just walk in to help.

Also a Bernie dialer to do phone banking from home.

Here are the links to the Bernie Dialer videos:


9 minute video:

3 minute video:

OCCUPY hopes to have TPP fliers and Yes I-735 fliers for handout

MTA Whatcom will take a resolution in support of I-735 to hand in at the caucus.  IF possible and you know about I-735 step up at your caucus to be a delegate.


There are three candidates running for a position on the 3 person district.  This district deals with local water and farming issues.  It is too late to request a mail in ballot so you must vote in person.  Debbie will post it to the newsletter and Ronna will send out an action alert the day prior to voting.


Debbie explained the Backbone Campaign to new folks her today.  The link is .  Debbie asked us to consider sending a person to the Action Camp this year held on Vashon Island.  To get an idea of what these folks do you can watch another very artful/creative couple of men in 3 movies THE YES MEN, THE YES MEN FIX THE WORLD and latest The YES MEN ARE REVOLTING.


Joy Gilfilen spoke to inform us about what she is doing to expose the excess power of the prosecutor’s office in Whatcom County.  She spoke about critical jail issues and how she will use social media (The Joy talk radio show) and  articles such as:, and

MISC:  Talked about whether we want to keep our theater light – YES

Other good reads:  Video – The United States of ALEC (we gave a few teachings about this)

PAPERS – Real Change, Peoples tribune, George Lakoff, Don’ think of an Elephant.

Mar. 4th, 2016           OCCUPY

Debbie, Peter, Margaret(minutes),Ronna(facilitator),Diane, Ellen, Marcia


  • Interactive call, Sun. 6th at 4:30P.  Noted on the announcements page.
  • Diane and team are working on a county council resolution opposing TPP.
  • Debbie volunteered her services to banner, light shows.etc. for the TPP.


  • Try to get people to attend caucuses and bring I 735 info.
  • Hedrick Smith to speak In Sept. in Seattle and Whatcom.
  • It would be wonderful to get Robert Reich or Lawrence Lessing to speak somewhere in Western Washington.


  • Backbone called Debbie to thank her and Occupy for our efforts in Whatcom.
  • We talked about a potential Action Camp this Summer at Peter’s.
  • Ronna will supply Debbie with GOBO slogans – then ask Backbone to help make them.


Bellingham City Council supports (?) Ballot I # 1433.  Raise Up Washington is behind this initiative that will gradually raise the Minimum wage to a living wage by 2020.  It would also  includes a mandatory health care(?) immediately for workers.


ACTION ALERT- There is a bad redistricting proposal coming up.  We need to show up at the redistricting committee meeting at County building room 105 on Monday at noon and show our displeasure against it.  Ronna will send out alert.


Picket with Familias Unidas Farmworkers, Bellingham Costco, 4299 Merdian.  This action takes place on Mar, 5th, but I think there will be other picketing of Sakuma/Driscoll at same venue or Skagit Costco through the season.


Berta Conceras was assassinated at her home In Honduras last week.  She was known internationally as a indigenous labor leader.  Please, spread the word about this horrible act. By the way, Hillary Çlinton supported the installation of the government who murdered Berta.


There will be an election held Mar, 15 at 6975 Hannegan Rd. from 9A to 6P.  If you did not ask for a mail in ballot you must go to the address above and vote in person on the 15th.  It is really about Nooksack water.  R. Perry is the person to vote for.


An affinity group of Racial Justice is pushing against the NW JOBS ALLIANCE (Right -Wing Organization in Whatcom County and front for SSA)for harrassing the Lummis.


Marcia says that they are changes in her dept. at Tech. School, bringing on more work for instructors.  Money is the bottom line.  There is a new program in Bellingham called Student Re-engagement.  This new program is somehow tied to the G.E.D.

Personal note, when will Education Institutions stop inserting Business Models into Public Education.  Schools are to educate, not make a profit.  Educate the whole student.


Now we know why there are so many SUVs on the road— the IRS gives tax exemptions for these big vehicles.  I guess they need those SUVs to haul home 48 rolls of toilet paper at a time.


Feb. 26, 2016     OCCUPY MINUTES

Margaret(minutes), Alyce, Ellen  Peter, Ronna(facilitator), Debbietart 2:40P.

Ronna read acknowledgment of our Coast Salish neighbors.


  1. Meeting with DelBene in April

This is being arranged by Ronna.  We should ask a question from DelBene that  can not be answered in a trite manner by her.

  1. Write a resolution against the TPP that could go to cities, counties. etc. to oppose this awful treaty.
  2. Link TPP to the Bernie Çampaign by phone banking for Bernie.  Ronna has already sent out a video of how to do this.
  3.  By the way, India got sued by the WTO for making solar panels.


  1. Link with Bernie Campaign.
  2. Tiffany from the state MTA says we need a 70% vote on 735.  We  have to build momentum for the other states to pass a simular 735 in their states.
  3. We are off the state MTA Steering committee.
  4.  Thanks to be  sent to  volunteers who helped with signature gathering, and that will be done with Mail Chimp.
  5.   State MTA  Field co-ordinator and fund raiser have selected, and a co-ordinator needs to  be chosen.


1.Debbie told the group about a unusual  about off grid communities.  She doesn’t know if it’s real or not.

2.There was an action for Sukuma workers.  Ronna and I went.  I think it was successful.  It was put on by the local IWW.  It was against Driscoll  berries being sold at Costco. It took place last Saturday.

  1. Racial Justice is meeting at BUF.  We don’t know yet about time and day.
  2. Our web posting has been paid for the year.
  3. A lot of support in Ferndale at their caucus training for Bernie, and Alyce is predicting a big  ground swell for him.
  4. June 18th and 19th State Demo Convention…don’t know where  yet.
  5. Aug. 2nd Demo, primary for state and Fed. offices except Presidential.

Meeting over at 3:34P.



Ronna, Ellen, Peter, Marcia, Billy

With so many members absent and a new member to this group, Billy, we decided we could do without an agenda and have a good chat about those issues we care.

The conversation ranged far and wide.  Several checks were made to make sure Billy was OK wit the proceedings.

Marcia reminded Ronna to make an “orientation” packet with some basic information about us.

It was a most enjoyable meeting (my opinion) and worth the time spent to get to know a new person new to this area.

Ronna will add Billy to the list serve and Mail Chimp.

Notes by Ronna





Ronna, Ellen, Peter, Margaret


We met briefly and had a good conversation about a variety of subjects.  No specific agenda or announcemtns.



January 29, 2016 OCCUPY WS _ BELLINGHAM  Minutes

Margaret (notes), Chiara, Marian, Peter, Marcia, Alyce, Ronna (fac)


Her hearing is on Feb. 29th.  She wants no rallies or protests.  She will work with her lawyer to get a list of people to whom we might write letters on her behalf of her action.    Such as the Coast Guard, Newspapers, etc.  She has a free lawyer from the Civil Liberty Center in Oregon.


Rallies for TPP on the 4th of Feb. Banners and info to pass outs at SunnyLand  OverPass, and banners and pass outs at Holly and RR.  These are starting at 2:00PM.  Also a light show at 4:30PM  on West Chestnut near old Granary.


Meeting with her is cancelled for the 6th. No new date set.  Working on new date and time.


A retreat 2/6 at Skagit Unitarian Church ( 500 W Section St.,  Mt Vernon).  Time is from 9:00 AM to 5:00PM.  Hopefully we will get an Agenda.  The agenda will center on the coming campaign.


Sale on Pearson’s GED test( typical private business).  There is a lowered pass point now.  These GED tests cost $30.00 per test. $6.00 per practice tests.

Anti-privatization groups who are fighting this kind of education for our students are: 1) Re-claim Our Schools 2) Opt-Out ( of standardized test) and others. It is good to know there are other people as upset as we are about this uncalled for privatization of education.  There is lots of money to be made, because there are so many millions of students. Our poor children and grandchildren.

A few web sites we explored at the meeting: Information about “opting out”.  A Facebook page  An Education activist This is the site with the petition

Action: There is a call for an action nationally for us(parents, grandparents, community members, students, workers) to walk into public schools for 30-45 minutes.  about the Nationwide “walk-in” that Marcia has sent out.

There is also a reform public education petition going around.

Sign this petition at:

We have made aware of these problems in education by Marcia.  I thank you, Marcia.


Went around the room to get member feedback about the hearing on the Comprehensive Plan this past Tuesday Jan, 27th: we estimate that about 1/2 for terminal and 1/2 against terminal.

Discussion on Corporations tabled for now.

Meeting ended 3:50PM

Jan, 22, 2016   OCCUPY  2:30 – 4:00 TERRA Organica Public Market

Ronna (facilitator), Margaret(minutes), Alyce, Peter, Diane, Marcia


  1. Support those who take them on. Examples, Bernie Sanders,TPP, etc.

2.Mutual Corporations (don’t make a profit). In the past there were Mutual Corporations such as in insurance.  So there is a historical precedent for Mutual Corporations in our history. ( I would like to know why they stopped being popular.)  Another example that Peter gave as possible is a Mutual Corporation in transportation.  Are there Mutual Corporations that exist at this time–somewhere?  Very interesting concept.  Much more for us to learn about.

ACTION – think/research alternative to present structure such as a Mututal

  1. Corporations should pay for pollution, damage to environment and people, etc.


Jan. 27 MTA had meeting at Terra Organica – the 2nd part of #735.

Feb. 6 Wamend retreat in Skagit for Steering Committee and our local group at Skagit Unitarian Felowship.  Time 9:00AM to 4PM ?


Jan. 21, a bannering was held at Bellingham downtown Library to greet Rep. Larsen.

Feb.4 International day of Protest.  Plans in progress.  Alerts will be sent out – be ready!


Ronna is working on a revised mission statement that includes militarism.  She passed out a draft.

Marcia told the group that we need a new way to achieve Social Justice.  She likes to use Friere’s 3 steps to problem solving.  Theory(The Problem)…Action (Praxis).Reflection (the Analysis of the action).  Others present spoke to problem solving methods used elsewhere, such as the nursing process.


January 15, 2016   MINUTES

Margaret(minutes),Ellen(facilitator),Alyce, Peter, Diane, Ronna, Marcia

Read—Grover Cleveland, Dec.3,1888   “Corporations, which should be carefully restrained creatures of the Law and the servants of the people, are fast becoming the people’s masters”  SAME OLD, SAME OLD—nothing changes.


Ronna said that there is a new Executive Committee to work on the next part of #735.  This committee wants #735 on the ballot.  They want to have a state “retreat” in Whatcom or Skagit County for MTA Washington.  Ronna wonders whether we can do this as we are so busy, and our organizer(Debbie) is on vacation.  Ronna will ask the MTA-Whatcom committee to step up and help.  She is also waiting fro Maggie to return to Skagit from a holiday.

On Jan. 23rd, 2016 The League of Women Voters will hold a educational program and community discussion regarding MONEY in Politics.  It is from 9:30-11:30 AM  at the Garden Street Methodist Church (1326 N Garden St. Bellingham ].  I think we should attend since we are now in the 2nd stage of #735.


Date for her hearing with the Coast Guard which is to take place in Seattle has been changed to sometime in February.  If you want to attend you MUST bring your passport (Federal ID).



Other people have asked for a meeting with DelBene.  Ronna already had her chance.   ACTION: Bannering from 12:00 to 2:PM at Sunnyland Overpass and also at Holly and RR same time.  Light projection 4:30P to 6:30P at Granary in Bellingham. We need volunteers call Ronna (304-2936) or Dianne (671-3590).


The county council has 6 months to get in done.  Whatcom is only county in state not to have an approved GMA (Growth Management Act).  This has been going on for 20 years.  Please, think about attending this meeting, and ask for no crude oil or coal exports from new or existing piers.  VERY IMPORTANT!

The WCC meeting is January 26 at 7:00 – be there at 6:30 to get a seat and sign up to speak.  A skill building and information meeting will take place the Monday before at ReSources.  Details to follow.


The Supreme Court of US is hearing a case that claims that union (teachers in CA) should not have to pay union dues.  SCOTUS will decide this case in June.

Marcia passed around a signup sheet for a coalition to protect Public Ed.  Stay in there Marcia!

We forgot that Peter has asked for a time to discuss corporations and how we could more directly combat their power.  We will put this and the mission statement on the agenda for next Friday. The minutes were lost for a time and we all forgot!


Ronna, Margaret (minutes), Peter, Ellen (facilitator), Alyce, Diane, Marcia, Debbie

Started 2:38P

Opening with Grover Cleveland’s Quote; “Corporations, which should be carefully restrained creatures of the law and servants of  the, people, are fast becoming the people’s masters.”  Dec. 3, 1888.  This was given to us by Peter.


We made the numbers with a buffer.  Next steps are not fixed yet.  Stay tuned.

Jan. 23rd the League of Women Voters will have a panel discussion followed by a question and answer period on Money in Politics.  At the Garden Street Methodist Church (11326 N. Garden St.,Bellingham).  From 9:30A to 11:30A.


Ronna continues to work on meeting with DelBene.  Getting there.  Dianne tells the group about conference calls, promotes their value and will send out the contacts for the calls.

DELEGATION OF DUTIES— – While Debbie is having well deserved rest and fun in Thailand

Diane- Healthy Bellingham  (Jan. 14th), Ronna- light show. MTA Call In -Ronna.


Trial in Lynnwood from Jan. 11th  to Jan. 15th .  Ronna and I went on Monday. There was very inadequate seating for observers.  It was the beginning of Jury selection.  I also went on Wed. and it was clear the venue was totally inadequate to handle the number of observers.  It took over 30 minutes to get thru security.  It was good to go to give support to the DELTA 5.


Conference at WCC.  Jan. 16th at Syre Center . From 9:30A to 3:30P.  OCCUPY will have 1/2 table, and we need people to staff it.  Alyce, Margaret, and Ronna have signed up so far.


  1. Evelyn’s Birthday party was wonderful
  2. On Jan. 15 There is a selection for new Democratic State Board  member for the 42nd. Contact Alyce for more information.
  3. The Congregational Church in Bellingham read Ronna’s Letter in the Herald
  4. Marcia told us that privatization of Education is continuing. She said Adult Education (ABE) is just about finished.  It was bad news, but it was great to see Marcia. She told us that Brown University’s Annenberg Institute has  good reforms for Education in the U.S.
  5. Peter wants to outlaw corporations, and OCCUPY is the perfect venue to do it.  This should be put on Agenda to discuss next Friday.  30 minutes should allowed for this discussion.
  6. 30th there is (if I remember correctly) a Talk by Richard B.? at 7P at the Co-Op bakery outlet. I think Ellen announced it.
  7. Keira’s hearing at Coast Guard for her clinging to a Shell ship to stop Arctic Drilling was suppose to be on Jan. 25th, but the date has been changed. Will let folks know the change when known.
  8. Jan. 26th at WCC at 6:30P Public Hearing on Comprehensive Plan.  Everyone should try to attend. Whatcom County has the dubious honor of being the only county not to have a comprehensive plan to meet growth management.  It seems it has been on the table for 20 years.