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This page will help you learn more about trade deals  in the works by our government. The focus is on the Trans Pacific Partnership or TPP for short.  This follows on the heels of several trade agreements of the past 20 years that have wrought havoc on nations such as Mexico through NAFTA and many others such as TAFTA, WTO, TPIP.  Specifically we are working to get the congress to not allow “FAST TRACKING” (now being renamed “Smart Track”)  of TPP.  This would allow the President to sign off on the deal without having Congressional approval.  The TPP has been developed in secret with leaders of selected nations and corporate moguls.  Our elected congressional legislators are allowed only into a room where they may read the (greatly redacted) document but may not take it to study.

As OCCUPY BELLINGHAM has been fighting and educating about the TPP the U.S. has been moving steadily forward with even more trade deals – in Europe, Asia, and South America.  This is the “Globalization” of the world leading to corporate domination of the people of this planet.

The following are links directly to some national groups working to fight these trade agreements.

Cross Border Action

The Alliance for Democracy

Washington Fair Trade

Citizen Trade 

Expose the TPP

Flush the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership)

Stop the TPP























































































































































































































































































































































































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