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Education Working Group




The group used “Circle of Voices” approach to speaking and occasionally reverted to “discussion” which usually involves overlapping conversations but was kept to a minimum.  The conversation was lively and informative.


Introductions:  Jay S., Sandy R., Dianne F., Ronna L., Alyce W. Marcia L.  Each of us spoke about how we are involved in making the change we want to see.

Bring in readings/information that will help #OB organize, become more meaningful and begin to attract members back into the movement.

#OB Web Site:  Erin has announced she is leaving to teach in Spain.  IF no one is available to take over the #OB Web site she plans to take it down at the end of June.  Ronna agreed to meet with Erin to see what’s involved and Jay agreed to meet for this initial meeting.  He indicates he could help with IT issues.

RestructuringHow would we like #OB to look.  The group agreed it is the only group thus far addressing the issues of money in politics, corporate greed and overturning Citizens United.  This topic was tabled till the next meeting when it will be a focus.  Mentioned was the movie Recount with Kevin Spacey as a must see.  (remember we are thinking of using movies to educate the public).  Jay mentions that #OB tactics have not been effective and cites the tea Party and the “Right” as having an excellent propaganda effort and the left could look to them for how to get a message out (this is reinforced by George Lakoff). He suggests using Social Media more effectively and that Voter registration would be a good tactic to take up.


  • Right to a government the represents the American People
  • Right to have a fair tax system
  • Dignity of all persons
  • Health of the planet
  • Health of the group suing creative individuality
  • Return to reason
  • Listen to/Learn from science
  • The public makes the private possible
  • Right to work, education, health care, shelter
  • Right to a public commons
  • Effective government
  • Investment in America
  • Mutual responsibility
  • Living wages for a days work

Messaging (Slogans)

  • Our Government is our friend
  • Take Back our Government (from the corporation)
  • No privatization of taxes
  • The public makes the private possible
  • Nobody made it on their own without public Infrastructure
  • America is not a business (not liked by group)
  • We love America and want to fix it
  • Real American Patriots – Rights for all Citizens
  • Every Day People Looking Out For Each Other.
  • We Are the 99%
  • This is What Democracy Looks Like
  • Give us back out bill of rights

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm

purpose of group

We are studying the book “Radicalizing Learning:  Adult Education for a Just World” by Stephen Brookfield and John Holst.  The information from this book will serve as a foundation for teaching events we will conduct in the near future.  Early on in this group we asked the authors if we could change a statement they made about the “socialist argument for inclusion”.  The statement is now “The purpose of Occupy Bellingham is the experimental pursuit of beautiful consequences”  When #OB has some financial resources we’d like to put this on T-Shirts for all.   Stay tuned!



EDUCATION WORKING GROUP – NOTES FOR MAY 18, 201 Present:  Ronna l., Sandy R., Alice W., Dianne F. Marcia L.   Members arrived over time so we had a lively conversation with overlapping talk and wide ranging subjects. Starting out we talked about the use of words and how they matter.  This is a takeoff …

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