General Assembly

The General Assembly is an open body that makes decisions on behalf of Occupy Bellingham. Anyone is welcome to vote. Currently our General Assemblies happen on Fridays at 2:30 pm at the Alternative Library on Railroad Ave. Please check our Calendar for last minute changes.

Our full consensus process can be found here.

Principles of Process

1. All decisions are made by the General Assembly. No decisions that affect or represent the whole are made by working groups. WGs focus proposals to bring to the assembly and they coordinate the work.
2. Yelling really loud does not put you on stack. Raise your hand and get on stack if you have a proposal or an announcement. Stack will be taken in revolving intervals of 5. Never repeat what someone else already said.
3. Assembly time is precious. Think 3 times before you speak. “Does this really help the assembly make a better decision?”
4. Nothing is more precious than the thoughts of the quiet. Nothing is more precious than the words of the silenced. Speak Up. Please. Especially when it’s really hard.
5. Facilitators make space and move the process . Facilitators never present content or represent someone else’s thoughts. The assembly is responsible for keeping the facilitators in line.
6. The assembly is responsible for signing to the facilitator. If the assembly doesn’t sign the facilitators do not have anything to facilitate.
7. No one else can speak for you. That’s why we need you here.

Basic Hand Signals

1. Twinkling: I like this! I support what this person is saying! I agree!
2. De-Twinkling: I don’t like this! I disagree!
3. Clarifying Question (one hand, c-shape): I have a short clarifying question.
4. Point of Information (pinky): I have a point of information.
5. Ears (hand to ear): I can’t hear what’s being said!
6. Wrap it up (Wagon Wheel): This is taking too much time. I get your point, please finish.
7. Point of Process (triangle): Process is not being followed/Off topic.
8. Compel a Vote (form a v with hands): I am ready to make a decision on this proposal.
9. Block: I believe the vote we have just taken is against the foundational principles of why we’re here.



OCCUPY BELLINGHAM ASSEMBLY GUIDE FOR CONSENSUS What is Consensus Consensus is a process of nonviolent conflict resolution. The expression of concerns and conflicting ideas is considered desirable and important. When a group creates an atmosphere which nurtures and supports disagreement without hostility and fear, it builds a foundation for stronger, more creative decisions. 1. Ask …


This page will collect endorsements passed by the General Assembly into one page.  They appear in the minutes as they are passed Aug. 3, 2012    Keep the coal in the ground April 5, 2013   #OB endorses comprehensive, effective and sensible Gun Safety Regulations. June 7, 2013 Occupy Bellingham stands in solidarity with the …


Past Minutes – 10/14/11 – 12/31/ 22 MAY 2015 OBGA meeting – Public Market, Bellingham, WA Attendees: Peter, Charles, Marcia, Ronna, Alys, Dianne (Facilitator), Debbie, Karen (recorder) Meeting commenced ~ 2:35 pm; decided agenda  AGENDA: Honor/sacred land reading OB purpose/process review and policy re: political activism, promotion, affiliation III. Announcements & Reports TPP Festival of …


Dear addressee, We at Occupy Bellingham are writing to raise the questions that we are asking ourselves: Do you feel that our government truly represents the people? Do you feel that the current system is working for us; for our community, our Nation and our planet? We at Occupy Bellingham believe the current system is …

Safer Spaces Agreement

SAFER SPACES AGREEMENT passed by GA on 20 January 2012 (revised on June 6, 2012) The basic tenet is respect– respect for each other (our backgrounds, identities, ideas and bodies) – and respect for the space we’ve created together  The components of Safer Spaces Agreement include: An equal right to be heard and an equal …


So You Wanna Be a Protester? Here’s a basic, unofficial guide to help you communicate effectively! Principles of Process (Proposed and Accepted by the Occupy Bellingham General Assembly, 10/14/2011) All decisions are made by the General Assembly. No decisions that affect or represent the whole are made by working groups. WGs focus proposals to bring …

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