Aug 16 2012


Marcia, Mark, Karen and Larry are there and thus far have not been arrested.  Marcia’s report as of Friday is that they have met many great folks, are learning a lot, march and chant each day . Further, that the action is mainly symbolic at this point as decisions have been made about mining the coal.   They are staying on the deck of 2 activists who live close by.   They  are being fed by the local action groups.  Maria and Mark plan to stay on till late Monday or Tuesday as Monday will be the final day of protest.   Larry reported in email on Tuesday  that “14 have been arrested so far.  Busy with arraignments at 8:00 this morning.  Great actions, very smooth and effective.”   The following link will show you a gallery of photos taken since day one.  You will see a few folks wearing #OB buttons.

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