Dec 17 2012

Prosecution of the Whatcom County Mic Check: The Odyssey Continues


Ten Young faces charges in the only Mic Check Prosecution in the country.  Right here in the City of Subdued Excitement.

Some 20-30 other individuals, many identifying with Occupy Bellingham, exercised their First Amendment Right to Free Speech at the Whatcom County Council Meeting on 02/28/1012 – doing so in an Open Public Speaking Forum.  Only Ten Young is presently being charged with a crime, ostensibly because he was the leader, spoke with a booming voice and appeared menacing – dressed all-in-black.  This despite the fact that the only crime committed was the assault upon one of two videographers seated in the press section, this assault being lead by the man pictured below.  This man, in a Letter to the Editor published in the Bellingham Herald on 03/08/2012, claimed those participating in Public Comment with “One Voice” of “actually being lawless thugs”.

Please attend the 9:00 AM hearing tomorrow in some courtroom on the 4th floor on the Whatcom County Courthouse, if at all possible.  Those of us there will be protesting Prosecutorial Misconduct, demanding the observance of our First Amendment Rights and expressing Solidarity with Ten Young.   <–This is a link to the next Facebook Event in the Whatcom County Mic Check Saga.  If you can attend please go to the Event Link and  select the “Going” option.  Expect a packed courtroom.



Those wishing to read the testimony of witnesses to the assault can find some of them posted as Comments to the Letter to the Editor on the Bellingham Herald Site – Link Below       <–YouTube Video of the Whatcom County Mic Check – new and improved with captioning of the Mic Check text itself

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